NFT Artists to Watch Out For (With Unique Use Cases)

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These NFT artists to watch out for focus on our carbon footprint, tech-savvy digital art, and big juicy Harley Davidson wheels  

Picking the right NFT artists to watch out for can be a tricky task. However, many artists whose NFTs are growing in value provide something out of the ordinary.

With that in mind, this guide will discuss reasons for OG NFT artists’ creating some of the most expensive NFT projects, alongside recent famous NFT artists and why.

But, first up, what makes NFT artists’ collections stand out from the crowd?

NFT Artists to Watch Out For
Hasbulla Magomedov NFTs

What Makes NFT Artists Special? 

Like buying a piece of art from a gallery in the physical world, NFTs go up in value depending on who the artist is, alongside numerous other reasons mentioned in this article. Similarly, these digital items can only have one official owner at once, who holds a certificate proving ownership.

Look at Yuga Labs, for instance. They have connections to nearly all NFT and crypto ecosystem giants, making them an essential corporation in the space. Naturally, therefore, their digital assets are in high demand. Bored Apes and CryptoPunks sell for more than six figures alone.

Another excellent example of a famous NFT artist includes the lovable Hasbulla Magomedov. His rare characteristics and talents bring curiosity to himself and his NFT collections’. As a result, many people buy the digital assets to receive personalized content from him. And it is no wonder, Magomedov has a great sense of humor and is a character worth knowing.

Some worthy NFTs are also incredibly wholesome due to giving a chunk of their proceeds to needed charities. Look at Chillin’ Chameleons, for example. The proceeds from previous collections have assisted in installing a FloWater refill machine to prevent single-use plastics and beach clean-ups across America.

NFT Artists to Watch Out For
CryptoPunks NFT collections

Most Favorite, Recent NFT Curators and Drops

The above NFT artists and their collections are highly desirable and worth the purchase for investment purposes. But, unfortunately, it’s not cheap to aquire one of these digital assets following soaring prices on numerous secondary marketplaces.

So, here is a list of a few of our favorite, most recently trending NFT artists. These artists create some of the most unique use cases of NFTs today, including assisting toward saving our planet.

Denis Creighton – IMPT (Carbon Offset Program)

NFT Artists to Watch Out For
IMPT Screenshot – Official Website

The CEO of IMPTDenis Creighton—alongside the rest of the IMPT team—recently launched an applicable eco-friendly protocol to assist in fighting against global warming and the climate crisis by allowing everyone to trade carbon credits.

IMPT’s ‘Carbon Credits’ are NFTs that help saves our carbon footprint by allowing collectors to emit greenhouse gases by funding conversation projects across the globe. Interestingly, carbon credit equals one ton of carbon dioxide.

The NFTs are currently for sale via presale 2 for 1 IMPT ($0.023). The presale 1 recently sold out for just $0.018 per token.

Once purchasing one of these wholesome non-fungible tokens, you can either sell it, hold it for investment purposes, or “retire” it from the supply.

If you are curious about the project, read the IMPT whitepaper.

Klara Vollstaedt – The Thought Of You Is Bliss (Tech-Savvy Digital Art) 

NFT Artists to Watch Out For
‘The Thought Of You Is Bliss’, by Klara Vollstaedt’

Klara Vollstaedt is a Canadian NFT artist who explores numerous identities through NFT art, including identity, connection, love, and relationships in this digital age in which we are currently living.

Vollstaedt’s artwork is an example of how we, as humans, address different themes depending on numerous circumstances.

Following this, her most recent NFT drop ‘The Thought Of You Is Bless’—which you can find on OpenSea—conveys her feelings of being in love. For instance, her OpenSea bio reads: “For this piece, I wished to convey the feeling of being in love and having little things remind me of her presence. Whether it is a photo on my phone, an unexpected text, or a sock left on my floor. All the little things bring joy to my life.”

This collection may be right up your alley if you’re a tech-savvy romantic (like ourselves, but shh). 

The current floor price for one of these digital assets is 0.5 ETH ($567.63) at this time of writing.

Check out Klara Vollstaedt on OpenSea to view her entire collection.

Agathe Romain – Rotten Rat City (Motorcycle Community)

NFT Artists to Watch Out For
Example of ‘Rotten Rat City’

24-year-old motorcycle manufacturer and NFT curator, Agathe Romain, has his very own Web3 motorcycle community dubbed “Rotten Rat City”.

If you are a fan of motorcycles and want to socialize with like-minded individuals, you can partake in his unique NFT community by minting one of the 7777 unique “Lost Riders” NFT tokens. Once purchasing one of the digital assets, you will have access to the project’s Discord channel alongside the Rotten Rat City metaverse.

As a token of appreciation and to attract new customers, Romain often gives away “LostRiders” NFTs to those who follow Rotten Rat City’s Twitter account, retweet the project’s tweets, and tag friends to the profile.

Moreover, the NFTs feature images of motorcycles he has modified, including the all-time classic Harley Davidson. The NFTs also open access to these bespoke custom motorbikes alongside 3D scanning technology.

You can mint one of these NFTs here for 0.26 ETH ($1,126.33 USD).

Quick Conclusion – Let’s Touch Upon Diversity

The main point of this article is to give you a rough idea of what makes NFT artists stand out and how diverse NFT drops can be. To achieve such goals, we hand-picked a few of our favorite NFT artists that touch upon contrasting topics, including environmental issues, tech-savvy art, and big wheels.

These top NFT artists and their recent collections prove that anything is achievable through NFTs, regardless of your interests and what you stand for.

If these digital assets are of interest, you can start scoping through NFT marketplaces to find one suitable for you. Although, to find exactly what you are looking for, why not mint your very own?

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