Magic Eden Expands Its Marketplace With Polygon NFTs

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The NFT marketplace Magic Eden opens its arms to all Web3 developers working on the Polygon blockchain network

The cross-chain marketplace Magic Eden is welcoming a new ecosystem of creators and developers by supporting all Polygon-based non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Quick Take:

  • Magic Eden now supports three blockchain networks—Solana, Ethereum and Polygon.
  • By adding Polygon, many gaming-related NFTs are expected to join the marketplace.
  • The platform will also roll out a launchpad to further support Polygon users.
Magic Eden

Perks of Magic Eden Integrating Polygon – Reasons Why 

The NFT marketplace’s most reliable blockchain network, Solana, is suffering from FTX’s bankruptcy. The CEO, SBF, was an active backer of SOL cryptocurrencies.

Following the crypto exchange’s disaster on November 10, the price of SOL fell by almost 57% this month, according to CoinStats:

Solana Monthly Price Chart on CoinStats

Therefore, there is no better time for Magic Eden to add a new blockchain network to its marketplace. Consequently, Polygon ticks all the right boxes.

By integrating this Layer 2 blockchain network, Magic Eden can form solid relationships with Web3 gaming giants. Polygon consists of numerous Web3 gaming communities, including the ever-so-famous Decentraland, Atari and The Sandbox.

“We are adding Polygon as our third supported chain on Magic Eden. We’re excited to partner closely with industry-leading game developers building on blockchain technology, reach new NFT collectors brought by global brands entering NFTs, and continue unifying cross chain audiences,”

wrote Polygon on a company blog post.

Another plus side of adding Polygon to the mix is that it has strong relationships with high-end fintech firms, Robinhood and Stripe, and the world’s largest software company, Abode.

Whereas other advantages include low gas fees and Polygon’s compatibility with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). Both assets are extremely useful for developers wanting to mint gaming NFTs.

Magic Eden will also further support users of the blockchain network by rolling out a launchpad for those who use MATIC.

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