Doodles NFT Review – The New Prominent Project

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Community and entertainment drive Doodles to thrive

Doodles has become one of the most influential NFT projects within just a few months. The collection of vibrant, pastel-colored characters has swept across the globe, ranking high among other top PFP collections on OpenSea.

Community and entertainment initiatives drives the thriving collection of NFTs. Thus, the project hit a total market cap of more than $351 million in a short space of time.


To create Doodles, Burnt Toast‘s illustrator, Scott Martin, teamed with the curators of CryptoKitties (Evan Keast and Jordan Castro).

Following the example of CryptoPunks, the team created 10,000 generative PFP NFTs. Differently, the collection consists of bizarre looking apes, skeletons, aliens, cats, pickles, and more.

Like many generative PFP NFTs, the collection is available in various degrees of rarity defined by traits⁠. The rarest NFTs are devil cat, bubblegum face, and bed head.

Through continued ownership, owners of Doodles (otherwise known as Doodlers) can access the latest merchandise, products, and events.


The creators of Doodles recently released a non-dilutive version of NFTs named Space Doodles. All Doodlers can claim a free Space Doodle but can hold only one NFT at a time.

Like Bored Apes and World of Women, Doodles is also digging into the entertainment sector. The project hosts large-scale events featuring live music performances and music-related merchandise.


Thanks to its quirky artwork and entertainment assets, Doodles are unique compared to other PFP avatars.

Further assisting towards the project’s popularity and diverse community, the creators refrain from using cryptocurrency buzzwords to appeal to blockchain novices wanting to be a part of a straightforward community on-chain.

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