CoinMarketCap and HELLO Labs to Premiere TV Series, Killer Whales

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An official trailer for the Web3 television series ‘Killer Whales’ — produced by CoinMarketCap and HELLO Labs — has officially dropped! Viewers can excitingly await the show’s blockchain-centric battle-offs at this year’s end. 

Quick Takes: 

  • CoinMarketCap and HELLO Labs’ TV series Killer Whales is preparing to launch.
  • Global NFT and crypto entrepreneurs will pitch their blockchain-based inventions.
  • The series boasts a stellar cast: Yuga Labs, CoinDesk, AltCoin Daily, SkyBridge, etc. 
  • Viewers can expect fierce competition, Web3 education, and pure entertainment.

Diving into the Killer Whales Saga

Soon to launch on HELLO Labs’ platform HELLO TV and streaming sites across 55 countries, Killer Whale’s Season 1 is gearing up to launch at the end of this year. By enlightening and engaging a global audience about the power of crypto and NFTs, the show aims to usher in a billion new users into the Web3 landscape.

Kickstarting the show, CoinMarketCap has carefully cherry-picked 22 global Web3 entrepreneurs to battle against each other to impress popular blockchain influences and VCs with their NFT and crypto projects. Notably, projects of all shapes and sizes were welcome to apply.

The series’ competitors must receive ‘SWIM’ votes to secure their places in the competition. On the flip side of the coin, they must steer clear of ‘SINK’ nominations to stay on the screen.

Killer Whales lineup is significant, with numerous renowned Web3 personalities all taking part: the anonymous NFT titan ‘NFT God‘, former CoinDesk journalist ‘Crypto Wendy‘, SkyBridge founder Anthony Scaramucci, Crypto Banter founder Ran Neuner, HackenProof CEO Yev, Yuga Labs’ partnerships lead, and Austin Arnold from AltCoin Daily, among others.

Additionally, CoinMarketCap will enhance the series by displaying real-time crypto data during episodes, issuing viewers immediate and accurate insights. Community feedback is also welcome, emphasizing the project’s loyalty to public sentiment.

In a nutshell, Killer Whales will present a fierce rivalry among global Web3 innovators, while spreading light on the burgeoning crypto and NFT worlds. The blockchain landscape is on the cusp of tremendous exposure!

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