Coinbase to Create Film Trilogy of Bored Ape NFTs

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Coinbase’s three-part film series, The Degen Trilogy, will feature a collection of Bored Ape NFTs

Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) announced Coinbase is creating a film trilogy named “The Degen Trilogy” using its NFT collection.

Owners of BAYC NFTs are eligible to submit their apes for casting in the film until April 13. BAYC took to Twitter to call all Bored Ape holders to submit their NFTs:

Those lucky enough to have their BAYC NFTs featured in the movie trilogy will receive $10,000 worth of Bitcoin or Apecoin.


The collaboration has the potential to boost Coinbase to higher heights. BAYC’s collection is the most popular project on the crypto market to date. The NFTs generate more than $3.2 billion in market trading volume, with rare collectibles selling for around 2.8 ETH ($12,088) alone.

Thus, it’s no surprise the creator of Coinbase, Nicole Muniz, is excited to have the apes on board:

“You can think of this as a love letter to the NFT tech that has provided so much creative liberation for artists. We really look to Bored Apes as sort of our North Star in the NFT space. They’ve created such a massive and engaging community,” said Muniz in a CoinDesk interview.


The Degen Trilogy is to premiere for the first time at the NFT.NYC conference this June. After the event, the public can watch the movie on Coinbase’s official website.

Bored Apes are also set to feature in Animoca Brands upcoming play-to-earn game and Timbaland’s entertainment brand, Ape-In Productions (AIP).

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