Chillin Chameleons NFT Review – Grab One Quickly

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Chillin Chameleons NFTs to help save our ocean for the third time

Brands are progressively venturing into the NFT space with unique concepts. Chillin Chameleons 3.0 goes above and beyond changing initiatives, bringing surpassing ways to help save our ocean to the forefront of its mission.

A collection of 6000 eccentric Chillin Chameleons NFTs is coming out of the woodworks. The creatures live on the Ethereum blockchain to be of service to widespread problems affecting our marine environment.


For the third time lucky, the PFP project partners with Pro2tect—a non-profit organization that utilizes NFTs to clean, protect, and restore our—to create innovative technologies that assist ocean conversation efforts.

Depending on the demand of the collection, the project aims to plant the first-ever pyrolysis plant in Hawaii to turn plastic into biofuel. So while each chameleon sells, the project expands.


The NFTs will be available on OpenSea next week (May 15). Buyers can then join the community and partake in supportive community projects.

News is currently scarce regarding the price of Chillin Chameleons. But for now, there’s a limited amount of NFTs up for grabs for a short time. Thus, if wanting to get your hands on one of these quirky chameleons, it’s crucial to purchase one quickly:

  • Tickets for an upcoming music festival (TBA)
  • Access to the Meta Millionaire Society
  • Physical and digital goods, including 25% discounts on all merchandise
  • Raffle tickets offering a trip to Hawaii
  • Exclusive airdrops, IP ownership and more. 

Surpassingly, Blockchain Virtual Valley is in the works of helping Chillin Chameleons create a metaverse. In addition, all collectors can access the highly interactive three-dimensional virtual world.


It’s no wonder Chillin Chameleons has a fantastic reputation for community initiatives. Proceeds from its previous collection assisted in installing a FloWater refill machine to prevent single-use plastics in South Maui. Following this, Funding also meant the project could organize beach clean-ups across America.

Nevertheless, the project’s prime focus hasn’t always been marine initiatives. For example, Chilin’ chameleons also assisted in native Hawaii forest restoration and oyster adoption.

Chilin Chameleons deserve praise for bringing charitable ideas to the surface. In addition, the project’s inspiration and goals are an inspiration to the Web3 space.

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