Grand Theft Auto Ban NFTs And Crypto From Their Online Servers

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Grand Theft Auto, one of the world’s best-selling video game franchises, have banned all NFTs and crypto from the online servers in their game: Grand Theft Auto 5. This comes after an update to their publisher, Take-Two’s legal enforcement policy.

Quick Take:

  • Users on Grand Theft Auto 5’s online servers will no longer be able to use NFTs and Crypto.
  • This is because of the game’s publishers, Take-Two, who have updated their legal enforcement policy
  • NFTs and crypto previously became a large part of users’ experience on online servers.
  • Rockstar (Take-Two subsidiary company) never embarked in the NFT industry.

How NFTs Were Used in GTA’s Online Servers

Online servers have been a massive part of the game’s recent surge. Now, users who play on online servers are involved in roleplay versions of the game. Here, gamers will have their own jobs, lives, relationships and assets, immersing themselves inside Grand Theft Auto. It is apparently a totally different experience, and people take this facet of the game very seriously.

Until the recent new update from Rockstar Games (owned by Take-Two), the publisher of Grand Theft Auto, NFTs and crypto was a big part of these online servers. They became a hub for the sales of things which Rockstar have now decided they don’t want in their games. These include NFTs, crypto, licensed music, sponsorship deals, and loot boxes.

Grand Theft Auto’s New Stance

To clarify, in a recent update to their legal enforcement policy, Take-Two and their subsidiary, Rockstar Games, have decided to ban various things from their online servers. The companies themselves never distributed these things, but they were a major part of the game thanks to users.

One of the reasons to ban crypto, NFTs and other similar assets was because they: “hope (roleplay servers) will continue to thrive in a safe and friendly way for many years to come.”


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