How to Gift an NFT (Step-by-Step Guide)

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Gifting an NFT is about engaging with your loved ones in new, fun, and innovative ways. You can easily find a digital asset close to your favorite’s heart 

NFTs have many use cases and advantages. Therefore, make ideal gifts for friends or family. Many open up rewards, once-in-a-lifetime opportunities, and donate to causes close to your loved ones.

But remember, some NFTs hold more value than others. So, do your research beforehand. Rarity NFT tools can ensure you purchase the most valuable digital collectibles for those worth it.

Before gifting an NFT to that special someone, here’s everything you need to consider.

How to Gift an NFT

Who Can Receive an NFT? 

When figuring out who’s worthy of gifting an NFT, it’s crucial to ensure the person has a compatible digital wallet to receive crypto and NFTs. If they need a digital wallet, send them this link regarding how to install MetaMask easily.

Note: Most crypto exchanges, brokerages, and wallet apps will not allow under 18 years old to create an account.

Moreover, before gifting a digital asset, make sure you look into the responsibility of the ownership. NFT owners should typically know what’s required of them, how to access such digital assets, and how to keep it safe to steer clear of any issues.

Also, take into consideration whether or not the NFT has a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). Your buddy may not have the time required.

Cryptocurrency users, Web3 investors, and technology enthusiasts typically dig NFTs. Therefore, if you know someone tech-savvy—especially those who put their middle fingers up at centralized banks and entities—you’ve found the perfect person to send an NFT.

There are many NFTs that are hot this month on numerous marketplaces. Not forgetting, digital assets on the Aptos blockchain are skyrocketing.

How to Gift an NFT

Gifting an NFT is the same as sending someone cryptocurrency.

To send an NFT, you must ensure enough crypto is in your digital wallet, including the correct type. For example, most NFTs require Ethereum, so ensure you have enough Ethereum in your wallet before purchasing an ETH NFT.  

Then, follow the steps to buying the digital asset on your chosen marketplace, pay the required gas fees, and transfer the NFT to the person you want to gift it to by asking for their public wallet address.

If your buddy has a MetaMask account, they can find their wallet address under ‘Account’, as either a string of alphanumeric text or a QR code.

Note: If an incompatible address is sent, there may be no way to trace the digital asset back into your or your friend’s hands. Thus, ensure you always double-check the transaction details.

Moreover, to ensure the transaction was successful and for a state of mind, you can view the transfer while it’s processing to confirm it has landed (or is soon landing) in your friend’s wallet. Go to Etherscan and type in your friend’s wallet address to check the blockchain activity.

Your buddy might not have pop-up notifications. So why not tell them the good news once the transaction goes through about how they have a brand-new NFT, all thanks to your kind self?

Quirky NFT Gift Ideas

To surprise your buddy, you can create a digital wallet before giving them the details instead of asking them for their wallet details and ruining the surprise. This way, the person won’t suspect what their gift is beforehand. We recommend creating a Ledger wallet because they are typically low-cost among other crypto wallets and include NFT support if anything were to go wrong (better to be safe than sorry).

Another excellent idea is printing a page containing the NFT’s details and how to access it. If it’s someone’s birthday, you could place these details in a cute card to show appreciation for their presence. Be creative! Everyone loves a personal touch.

How to Gift an NFT

Final Thoughts

Now you have the know-how, you should easily be able to ping over an NFT to your favorite human.

Gifting an NFT is about engaging with your loved ones in new, fun, and innovative ways. Plus, providing you gift an NFT that holds value, your buddy may make money from the digital asset in the long run!

Not forgetting, there are numerous use cases for these types of digital tokens—all of which appeal to different sectors. Therefore, consider the kind of person you are buying for and find an NFT that represents something close to their heart and what they stand for. While hunting through NFT marketplaces, if knowing your mate well, you’ll soon come across the perfect one.

Unsure of whether or not you want to gift NFTs? Check out these four key reasons for buying non-fungible tokens. This article may help you make up your mind.

Last but not least, happy gifting!

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