The Best NFTs on the Aptos Blockchain

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A list of our favorite NFTs that live on the Aptos blockchain for quick and easy mints with little network congestion

Aptos Labs continuously shows commitment to developing applications and products on the Aptos blockchain that redefine the Web3 user experience entirely.

The hype of the Aptos blockchain (Mainnet) came into existence just months ago. But the token was a little confusing at the start, with many users asking: “What are the tokenomics?” “Can seed investors unlock tokens during the point of sale?”, etc.

Nevertheless, Aptos soon cleared the air, offering free tokens to 20 million users and solving blockchain concerns and NFT minting issues at scale—like avoiding network congestion which dodge steep gas fees (hurrah).

Hand-Picking the Best Aptos NFTs

As big fans of Aptos’ blockchain and non-fungible tokens (NFTs), we have hand-picked the best Aptos NFT projects scoping the Layer1 network for your interest.

Note: If anything grabs your attention, the majority of these digital assets can be found on Aptos’ NFT marketplace, Topaz. If the collection is sold out, scope secondary NFT marketplaces.

Aptos Undead 

Aptos Blockchain

Even though Halloween has been and gone, this ‘Aptos Undead‘ collection continues to rise.

The drop consisting of 4444 boneheads is findable on Topaz. The collection’s roadmap makes the NFTs a successful drop, being split into numerous segments consisting of partnerships, prototyping, social media launches, a large DAO community, and a future collection that will be free for all holders of the Undead collection to collect.

The original NFTs are all sold out. However, you can find such NFTs on these secondary marketplaces.

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Aptos Ant Club

Aptos Blockchain

Aptos Ant Club is 1000 unique ants that live on the Aptos metaverse.

The NFTs help the Aptos metaverse to build a strong community while offering a Web3 brand for all holders of the ants. As a result, the colony is continuously marching forward to bring members into its upcoming metaverse.

Check out the project’s Twitter and Discord to keep in the loop.


Aptos Blockchain

Aptoads is the “first community-oriented collection establishing solely on Aptos!,” according to Aptoads itself.

These new toad NFTs believe the “best and brightest minds are headed to Aptos and this select group will find themselves sharing alpha, building community, and partaking in the degenerate activity.”

And the positive comments comes as no surprise. Aptoads is one of Aptos’ fastest-growing projects, with more than 20,000 Twitter and Discord followers.

Aptos Monkeys

Aptos Blockchain

This cute collection of monkeys, Aptos Monkeys, supply jungle vibes on the Aptos blockchain.

Aptos Monkeys are hyped up to the max, with more than 10,000 Discord members eagerly discussing the project daily alongside other industry news.

The morals Aptos Monkeys includes community, energetic, and nurturing and caring-all of which can be found on the project’s ecosystem.

The project also has a lively Twitter—check it out.

Aptos Human Club

Aptos Blockchain

Aptos Human Club unburies 7777 human NFTs on the Aptos blockchain.

The project initially minted on Testnet, with holders being able to get on the whitelist to further mint on the Mainnet.

Already, the project has sold out, reaching a community of more than 5000 followers on Twitter, and nearly 3,000 on Discord.

Reasons for the project’s popularity includes its roadmap—staking for Hmn tokens alongside a game plan in action.

But fear not, these NFTs are still findable on secondary NFT marketplaces.

Aptos Alpha Alpacas

Aptos Blockchain

Aptos Alpha Alpacas is a group of 3333 Alpacas living on the Aptos blockchain.

The Alpacas also have a fast-growing community, following the project’s premium digital collectibles, ecosystem and utilities.

Unlike other Aptos projects, the Alpacas have moved aside from PFP meta.

Nevertheless, the community still has a positive Twitter following and more than 5000 Discord members—numbers increase daily.

Aptos Koalas Army

Aptos Blockchain

Aptos Koalas Army are the cutest Aptos NFTs we ever did see.

Like the other projects, the collection’s community and partnerships are growing. Although, differently, this collection is being minted on BlueMove, to reward users for staking.

Currently, the project has 5000 Discord followers and 13000 Twitter members.

If interested, you should try and get on the whitelist quick following high demand. If out of luck, you may be able to get hold of one secondary marketplaces, like OpenSea. But get in there fast!

Wise Purchasing Choices

To wrap things up, we highly suggest checking out these NFTs on either the Topaz NFT marketplace or the world’s most used secondary marketplace, OpenSea.

Depending on the rarity of the NFTs depends on the price. However, providing you do your research and scope numerous marketplaces, you are bound to find a good deal.

These rarity tools can help you make the best decisions—The Ultimate Guide to NFT Rarity Tools.

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