The Ultimate Guide to NFT Rarity Tools | Top Tools You Need to Know in 2023

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Trait Rarity is the most important factor in the value of most NFTs. Here are the best tools for NFT rarity you should know

Numerous NFT rarity tools help you check how rare an NFT is before purchasing, trading, or selling.

The rarity of NFTs is why some digital assets sell for millions while others sell for pennies. The rarer = the more desirable = the most expensive. Therefore, it is imperative to check the rarity of NFTs to make the best bang for your buck.

Many different factors determine NFTs’ value. Look at CryptoPunks, for example. The most expensive CryptoPunk ever sold is Punk #5822 because of wearing a blue bandana which only nine other punks (out of the collection of 1,000) have. To put things in perspective, Chain’s CEO purchased the bandana-wearing avatar for a whopping $24 million.

So, check out this guide to find the juiciest, rarest NFTs floating around.

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The Best Rarity Tools for Finding Rare NFTs

There are numerous ways in which you can calculate the overall rarity of an NFT. This includes calculating the rarity based on a trait, like if it is wearing something unusual out of the collection or has a special use case.

Check out these tools, for example:


OpenSea launched the tool OpenRarity to describe the rarity of one NFT’s attributes compared to others in the collection. NFTs with rare attributes have low rarity rankings (1% or 2%). In contrast, NFTs without rare attributes will show 8% to 10% because there are many of these NFTs from the collection. 

Rarity Tools

Above, you can see that the NFT on the left is extremely rare because there are only 20 NFTs out of a collection of 9,955. On the other hand, the NFT on the right is not rare and undesirable because 608 of this NFT exist.

To supply a transparent and unified set of rarity rankings across the marketplace, OpenSea uses its OpenRarity standard. This reproducible, open, and transparent standard is usable across the entire NFT industry.


Rarity Tools is one of the most popular tools for hunting down the rarest NFTs.

First up, the tool ranks these types of digital assets regarding the rarity of their traits in real-time. You can also filter NFTs by their price, sales volume, owner count, top collections, and more on the website. Thus, it makes hunting down the best NFTs beneficial and a quick and easy process.

Check out this list of the ten most popular NFT collections, for instance:

Rarity Tools

Once having the know-how about which collections are hot, it’s time to check out the rarest of NFTs one by one. Look at this CryptoPunk, for example:

Rarity Tools

Rarity Tools shows you that this digital asset is rare—only 78 CryptoPunks have buck teeth, 115 wear a top hat, and 146 models a beard out of the collection of 10,000. Therefore, thanks to this easy-to-use tool, we know this punk is scarce and likely worth more than a few bob.

Alternatively, you can check the Rarity Score of your NFT by entering the ID of your digital asset into “Project Section”, before clicking “Lookup” and viewing the prosperities and rarity score of your NFT. Once seeing all information about your digital asset, you can decide whether it’s a good NFT for selling and trading purposes.


Like OpenSea’s OpenRarity, Traitsniper is an NFT marketplace with its tool to determine the rarity of current and upcoming NFT drops. Although, each time a drop is launched, Traitsniper takes less than two minutes to analyze the rarity of the NFTs in the collection.

Rarity Tools

Similarly to Rarity Tools, you can see the different rarities depending on traits, such as accessories and clothing. the best option for finding out the rarity of Solana NFTs. In addition, the website lists Solana collections floor price, the number of holders, sales and more.

Within each collection, you can find the NFTs rarity under each NFT, including rarity tank, rarity score and attribute details.

Check out this collection of ABC NFTs, for example. You can check out the list of ABC NFTs by rank from top to bottom.

Rarity Tools

You can then click on your favorite NFT before finding out which attributes, accessories, body parts etc makes the digital asset special, thus, most soared-after.

Rarity Tools

Rarity Sniper

Last but not least, Rarity Sniper is another fantastic tool ideal for finding rare NFTs. The website features 774 NFT drops across mainly Ethereum and Solana.

The interface is easy to understand, showcasing rarity ranks, scores and other traits of numerous unique NFTs.

Rarity Tools

As you can see, you can also quickly enter the ID of your NFT to find out its rarity rankings on the left-hand side of a collection’s page, as well as get a list of NFTs from low to high or vice-versa, before checking out individual traits, etc.

Rarity Sniper is also a popular Discord channel with nearly 400,000 members. Here, NFT fans discuss the rarity of NFTs, including upcoming drops and more.

The community channel also has a Bot that instantly replies to the rarity of NFTs to help communities with their searches. Like this, for instance:

Rarity Tools

To further help you with your NFT mission, join Rarity Sniper’s Discord channel here.

Final Words: Top Rarity Tools for You

As you can see, there are many different tools to make hunting down the best NFTs an easy task.

Each rarity tool is beneficial depending on what you are looking for. OpenRarity helps check out the rarest NFT collections on OpenSea, whereas is most advantageous for finding the most periodic Solana drops, for instance. 

Nevertheless, each tool is worth checking out. They are straightforward to access, easy to use, and can help you hunt down the most beneficial NFTs for buying, selling and trading purposes.

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