OneOf Launches Free Slam-Girl NFTs: Everything You Need to Know

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The Slam-Girl anti-super heroine is returning to the world via Web3 after 20 years of solitude. The character’s creators were Stan Lee and Will Meugniot, but now Shirrel Rhoades rediscovers the superhero. Popular NFT platform, OneOf is bringing the exciting world of Slam-Girl NFTs and blockchain technology to comic fans in collaboration with eBay, the world’s largest collectible marketplace.

Quick Take:

  • Slam-Girl, the old and earlier forgotten superhero, makes re-entry. 
  • Stan Lee is the creator of Slam-Girl, and now, she is coming in the NFT form. 
  • The Slam-Girl NFT will be based on the Polygon blockchain and come on the OneOf NFT platform. 

The FREE green-tier Slam-Girl NFT is now available exclusively on and grants holders future membership in Scuzzle—Stan Lee’s original cyberspace fan club and the #1 Brand for Super Heroes in Cyberspace.


Slam-Girl’s powers came from taking a sip of radioactive lite beer (Old Spider Bite) 20 years ago. In the story, the superheroine was reluctant to accept the powers, but eventually, she accepted them. 

After its creation, the company under which Stan Lee discovered Slam-Girl fired him. Consequently, the superheroine did not get much attention. Moreover, for 20 years, no one talked about them, and now suddenly, Marvel is bringing the character back via Slam Girl NFT. 

Shirrel Rhoades is the rediscoverer of the Slam-Girl. This is the person who is the author of two textbooks on the history of comic books. However, Mr Rhoades did not hear about the Slam-Girl in all these years. 

After Rhoades collector friend buys the dormant properties of the previous company, Mr Rhoades finds Slam-Girl hidden in the pages.

“When I discovered SLAM-GIRL Among them, I WAS amazed. Although I’ve written two college textbooks about the history of comic books, I had never heard of SLAM-GIRL.”

Mr. Rhoades

Moreover, Mr. Rhoades approached Will Meugniot, the co-creator of Slam-Girl, to bring the character back. 


Shirrel Rhoades and Will Meugniot aggressively worked together to bring the character to the forefront. The author talked about how they collaborated to introduce the character to the public as Slam-Girl NFT.

According to Rhoades, Slam-Girl was never officially launched and was Stan Lee’s ‘lost’ superhero. Rhoades also reflected on how they felt it was important to share Stan’s parody of his own Peter Parker/Spider-Man character with fans. And here she is, getting ready to make her Comic-Con debut thanks to the launch of Slam-Girl NFTs.

The NFT creators will be at New York Comic Con from October 6 to 9, 2022! You can find them at the OneOf x eBay Booth.

As mentioned, the Slam Girl NFTs are now live on the OneOf marketplace in partnership with eBay. According to Dawn Block, eBay’s VP of collectibles, home, and electronics, the partnership between OneOf and eBay means that buyers will have easy access to the assets and can buy them using a platform they are already familiar with.

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