Closing the Gap Between Web2 and Web3 [Interview with Yonathan Lapchik, Suku CEO]

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Yonathan Lapchik, CEO of Suku, delves into how his company closes the gap between Web2 and Web3

Please tell us about Suku in four sentences:

Suku aims to accelerate the adoption of Web3 through interconnecting Web3 communities, powering novel experiences, and providing simple-to-use tools to better onboard users.

By creating an ecosystem with shared incentives and economy for all Web3 communities, Suku aims to foster the much-needed collaboration and interoperability that the space needs to grow fast.

How would you describe Suku in four words?

Web3 infrastructure company.

What’s your role in the company?

I am Yonathan Lapchik, CEO of Suku.

What do you like about working for Suku? 

I strongly believe in the need for a decentralized Web3, and I’m proud that Suku is entirely focused on ensuring that it remains at the core of novel experiences and ecosystems being deployed using blockchain technology.

What have been Suku’s most significant achievements to date?

Suku is the Web3 ecosystem partner of the metaverse strategy and NFT infrastructure company InfiniteWorld. With Suku’s support, InfiniteWorld has helped Luxury British supercar maker McLaren Automotive to onboard into the metaverse.

McLaren is now able to offer customers a deeper, more engaged digital experience, including the creation and minting of original non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and digital artwork that will represent McLaren’s luxury supercars and hypercars.

Furthermore, Suku also supported InfiniteWorld in working with NBA Brooklyn Nets star Spencer Dinwiddie to issue the first NFT linked to a physically redeemable collectible with the launch of his K8IROS “crypto sneaker” NFT.

Please reveal what’s in the pipeline for the company:

We reveal our work only when it’s ready to see the light. But most of what we’re currently developing and experimenting with in the Suku lab focuses on Web3 adoption. We are working hard on closing the gap between Web2 and Web3.

” If this evolution fails, the current power imbalance will remain, with monied corporations benefiting immensely from all of our online activity while users see zero profits while suffering the risks of vulnerability to data hacks, thefts, and frauds without the data protection decentralization brings.”

Yonathan Lapchik, CEO, Suku.

How is Suku working toward closing the gap between Web2 and Web3? What’s the importance of doing so?

The internet is at a critical inflection point where we are seeing Web2, the internet controlled by centralized tech giants like Facebook, Google, and Amazon, transition to Web3, the decentralized web that is owned and controlled by users rather than corporations.

At Suku we believe it is paramount to support developers and creators with the tooling and infrastructure needed to be successful in bringing this shift to Web3 about.

If this evolution fails, the current power imbalance will remain, with monied corporations benefiting immensely from all of our online activity while users see zero profits while suffering the risks of vulnerability to data hacks, thefts, and frauds without the data protection decentralization brings.

Can you tell me about your hopes for the future of Suku?

We see the rise of Web3 as inevitable and so we have aimed to make ourselves invaluable to the projects seeking to build in this novel landscape while prioritizing decentralization.

How do you see Web3 in five years?

In five years, Web3 will be synonymous with the internet. We will all be accustomed to transacting in cryptocurrencies, making decisions through participation in DAOs, and using NFTs for a myriad of purposes, including as access passes to exclusive virtual events, as part of collections, and as badges of social standing within metaverse realms.

How about the scope of the metaverse in five years?

Right now, the line between what is the metaverse and what is Web3 is blurry, but we can think of Web3 as the decentralized web wherein users rather than corporations control their own data and value while the metaverse is a virtual universe of realms built by individuals, DAOs, artists, and brands.

Ideally, the metaverse and Web3 will be one-in-the-same, with users holding the keys to the kingdom and not at the mercy of corporations to hold and control their data. To ensure this becomes reality, it’s paramount to prioritize data privacy and security in all interactions.

Can you tell me your favorite aspects of Web3?

I am enthralled by the NFT space and all the yet-to-be explored use cases for this novel technology that allows ownership of digital art and products to be authenticated for the first time in the internet’s history. As understanding among brands increases on the ways to leverage NFTs, we will witness even more use cases emerge.

However, I’m also particularly excited by what we’ve been able to achieve at Suku in supporting InfiniteWorld to bring real-world art and merchandise into the digital world.

Where can readers learn more about Suku?

Visit our website and follow us across our social and community channels

You can also check out and add my personal LinkedIn and Twitter.

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