Top NFT Marketing Agencies Ranked for 2023

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NFT marketing requires a unique skill set that most marketing agencies don’t have. The audience that buys NFTs is reached via tactics and strategies that don’t really exist outside of the Web3 realm. Here are the top NFT marketing agencies that can help sell out your NFT collection, boost community growth, and build NFT and Web3 brands most successfully.

Our Rankings of the Top NFT Marketing Agencies

1. Coinbound

Coinbound is one of the first marketing agencies to focus on Web3 exclusively and, when NFTs become popular, this marketing team was one of the first to start building out NFT marketing services and expertise. Coinbound was instrumental in helping sell out popular NFT collections like Generative Dungeons, God’s Unchained, E11even Miami’s Captain’s Club, and Party Horses, each of with sold several millions of dollars in just a day or two. At NFT NYC, Coinbound Founder, Ty Smith’s talk on NFT Marketing was the most-watched speech at the event.

Coinbound’s team is also a great Web3 marketing resource, as they share tons of content on their blog, podcast, and YouTube channel about the top crypto and NFT marketing tips and tactics.

Coinbound clients include the biggest names in Web3 like MetaMask, eToro, Nexo, Tron, Voyager, and Cosmos and Coinbound’s team’s Web3 marketing insights have been featured in leading crypto publications like CoinTelegraph, Decrypt, Blockworks, Benzinga, and Forbes.

Located: New York, USA

Team Size: 25-50

Past Clients: MetaMask, Nexo, eToro, Voyager, Tron, Cosmos, Litecoin, ImmutableX

2. Mooning

Mooning is an Australia-based NFT marketing firm that focused entirely on the NFT and blockchain industry. Services offered by this team include NFT consulting, NFT community management, influencer marketing, and PR.

Located: Australia

Team Size: 11-15

Past Clients: BlockTrust, DigiDaigaku, ACAP, Accor

3. FireCask

FireCask is a UK-based marketing team that pivoted in NFT services in 2021. Services offered by FireCask include NFT brand partnerships, email marketing, NFT art production, and minting assistance and planning.

Located: Manchester, United Kingdom

Team Size: 11-20

Past Clients: Expedia, Funding Circle

4. Token Minds

Token Minds is a Web3 agency based in Singapore that has spent considerable time building out a strategy for NFT marketing clients. In addition to marketing services, Token Minds does NFT development for companies that are in the earlier stages of launch.

Located: Singapore

Team Size: 10-25

Past Clients: BitForex, OKEx, Fantom, Probit

5. Coinscribble

Coinscribble is a popular PR tool for NFT marketers. Coinscribble is an easy-to-use platform for distributing NFT and Web3 press releases to tons of the top NFT and crypto media sites around the web. By using Coinscribble, NFT marketing teams can quickly get their news on places like CoinTelegraph, CoinMarketCap, NFT Evening, Yahoo Finance, Benzinga, and more.

Located: New York, United States

Team Size: 10-20

Past Clients: Voyager, Tron, Coinbound

NFT Marketing Agency FAQs

How much do NFT marketing agencies charge?

With NFT marketing agencies, like most marketing firms, you pay for what you get. Low quality NFT agencies can cost a few thousand per month and higher-quality agencies can charge 10s to 100s of thousands of dollars per month. The amount you spend will reflect the quality of results you need and the quantity of services you need for your NFT company.

How much should I budget for NFT marketing?

According to the experts, most successful NFT projects allocate about 20% of their planned NFT sales to the marketing of the collection.

Can Web2 agencies do NFT marketing?

Yes and no. Some Web2 and non-crypto agencies can probably put together a strategy that might work to successfully sell NFTs but, for the most reliable experience, most companies should only consider agencies that focus on NFTs and Web3.

What are the main strategies NFT marketing agencies use?

The NFT marketing strategies used will depend on your goals but the most common NFT marketing strategies are community building, influencer marketing, Web3 PR, Twitter management and growth, and collaborations with other NFT projects.


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