This Year’s Most Favored NFTs | Top NFT Guide for 2022

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To end this year nicely, here’s an NFT guide for 2022 to showcase the worthiest of non-fungible tokens 

As 2022 is coming to a close, we’d like to bring all our favorite NFT collections into this quick guide to reflect on which fantastic digital assets best contributed to the world of Web3 this year.

Although the lovable fuzzy-haired punks and stoned-looking apes remained as popular as in the previous years, many other digital assets joined the space, very nearly giving BAYC and CryptoPunks a run for their money.

To celebrate this year’s success, here is a list of our favorite NFT collectibles that joined the sphere this year—all of which bring something unique to the blockchain:

Pudgy Penguins 

Pudgy Penguins is a collection of 8,888 NFTs based on, you guessed it, penguins with a bit of pudge.

Since its launch in August, the NFTs have achieved a total volume of more than 60,000 ETH ($10 million), boasting a floor price of 3ETH.

The team behind Pudgy Penguins consistently give away exclusive rewards to Pudgy Penguin collectors, including access to holder-only events, competitions, experiences and more. Thus, no wonder it’s such a popular collection.

Check out the Pudgy Penguins official site to learn more about the project and get your hands on your very own Pudgy Penguin.

These collectibles are also purchasable on OpenSea, for contrasting prices.


Calvaria is a unique battle-card game that attracts the mass adoption of traditional gamers to the blockchain.

This Play-to-Earn (P2E) game has a visible tracker so players can track how much they earn while partaking in the battles.

Players fully own these playable NFT cards. However, they can be bought, sold, and upgraded on secondary marketplaces.

To learn more about the game before partaking in battle, check out the Calvaria whitepaper and join the project’s Telegram channel.


Moonbirds launched in April 2022 and, boy, are they glad they did. The Ethereum profile picture (PFP) collection has soared since launching. 

Held by a total of 6577 unique owners, these NFT owl collectibles have a market cap of a whopping $107,838,398.50 to date.

Many NFT collectors purchase these pixelated owls to show off on their social channels and boost their social status. 

However, unlike other OG collections, Moonbirds is held by Proof collective. Therefore, the collectibles have “nesting” functions, that aim to process long-term holding to prevent these owls from continuously being traded like many other collectibles.

So, click here to join the nesting hype or purchase your very own Moonbird.

Robot Era 

Robot Era is another favorite NFT collections due to the collectibles opening up gaming experiences on metaverse land with custom in-game tools.

Similarly to The Sandbox, players can enable unique robot NFT avatars to build on land plots. Moreover, they can create their own robot components before selling them as NFTs on numerous exchanges.

Buy the $TARO token now and get in early on the pre-sale here.

The Uncharted

Another very much-loved collection includes The Uncharted, which is the first of its kind, thanks to bridging the gap between TradeFi and Web3. Unlike many other NFTs, these digital assets give actual, generous returns to users. And we’re not just talking about opening up a community via Discord channels like many others.

Rather, all sales proceeds go toward the XETA Capital Fund (XCF), which is underpinned by advanced and secure HFT (High-Frequency Trading) algorithms. Additionally, all funds go toward traders with more than ten years of experience to boost profitability.

Following this, the funds are distributed to The Uncharted NFT holders over time.

So, click here to purchase a second-hand one to get involved.

Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained is another trading card game on-chain, similar to Calvaria.

Although it’s been available as a P2E blockchain game since 2020, it has reached higher heights since its launch date, with $52 million worth of cards being exchanged.

Following this, it has been entered into this year’s Web3 GAM3 Awards to win the most significant category, ‘Game of the Year’, alongside other NFT-related Web3 games, Superior, Big Time, The Harvest and Illuvium.

If you’re a big fan of God Unchained like us, be sure to place your vote to give the project the attention it deserves.

Real Estate Investment Club

On the other hand, Real Estate Investment Club is a generative art NFT project that lives on the ERC-721 blockchain. The team of talented developers runs the art behind the collection. They no what they are doing due to working on the ever-so-famous GTA and Red Dead Redemption.

With more than 600 unique NFTs with contrasting traits, the digital assets open the doors to numerous opportunities and incentives.

Furthermore, the digital assets open access to an entire metaverse made for Real Estate Investment Club holders. Additionally, the virtual world offers monetization opportunities alongside community-building experiences.

For more information, check out the project here.


FaceTransPlants is another fantastic NFT project for all art lovers. The project brings together art lovers in a fun, social, and informative environment.

Compared to other NFT projects, you don’t have to be an artist for involvement with these collectibles.

Instead, you must love art and be eager to learn about different mediums and styles.

So, if you want to purchase a Face Transplant, check out the collection’s many styles, including Funky Lady, the Hipster, and Punk. All have mocking features for extra amusement, so don’t easily take offense.

Need more certainty about the collection? Check it out here!

NFT Guide for 2022 – Final Thoughts

As you can see from this NFT guide for 2022, many of the above digital assets open the doors to virtual and metaverse experiences. In addition, the collectibles prove that gaming on the blockchain has skyrocketed this year.

These leaked financials of Yuga Labs’ prove that gaming on-chain is the in-thing. Even the curators of Bored Apes and CryptoPunks make the most buck from their NFTs that open access to its metaverse, “The Otherside”. 

Nonetheless, there are many other ways NFTs can be advantageous, thanks to artworks, music and videos. Many digital assets’ have unique use cases that make them desirable.

Whatever you “dig” can be findable on-chain, you just need to know where to look (check out these marketplaces).

Not forgetting, with Christmas around the corner, you can also buy NFTs to gift your loved ones. So, get Christmas sorted quickly by checking out this straightforward step-by-step guide on how to gift an NFT.

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