Steve Aoki and Relics Construct Metaverse Music Player

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Tuning in with the iconic DJ and Web3 advocate, Steve Aoki, Relicsxyz (Relics) has set the stage, constructing and launching a metaverse-ready music player that takes the form of an Ethereum NFT.

Quick Takes: 

  • In collaboration with renowned DJ Steve Aoki, Relics is pioneering the Web3 music space with a music player optimized for use within metaverse platforms.
  • Launching on Decentraland, Idol III is now available to exclusive music NFT collectors, pre-loaded with a mix from Aoki’s music label Dim Mak.
  • Opening more significant opportunities for artists and to reach a wider audience, Relics also partners with the independent electronic music label Monstercat.

Idol III’s Musical Journey

Launching today on the Decentraland metaverse — with plans to expand its accessibility in the near future — the metaverse music player, Idol III, is pre-installed with an exclusive mix from Aoki’s Dim Mak music label, mixed and mastered by the legend himself.

Inspired by social environments created by jukebox culture, the music player aims to appeal to a broad audience yearning for a unique, intimate music experience (like the good old days (but more tech-savvy)).

Idol III is exclusively available to collectors of numerous music NFTs, including those created by icons such as Avenged Sevenfold, Kings of Leon, Deadmau5, Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda, etc. Holders of Kingship NFTs that open up a unique Spotify playlist will also be eligible to enjoy Relics’ newest invention.

All members can play the metaverse music NFTs from their wallets. Once doing so, they can broadcast tracks to engage in a unique social experience and virtual worlds.

Further boosting this innovative jukebox’s value is Relics’ strategic partnership with Monstercat, a distinguished independent label specializing in electronic music. Such exposure can increase album sales, fan engagement, and streaming numbers for Monstercat’s artists.

The NFT-powered jukebox is a boon to artists of all genres and music NFT fans, paving the way for broader audience outreach and a close-knit auditory adventure.

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