Moonbirds Makes Noise with Spotify, Releases NFT Gated Playlist

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Moonbirds is creating ripples in Web2 and Web3 spheres over partnering with Spotify. Collectors can now tune in with the unique pixelated owl collectibles through NFT gated musical content on the globally recognized streaming platform.

Quick Takes:

  • Moonbirds grants NFT holders exclusive access to its Spotify playlist ‘Sound of a Digital Renaissance’, put together by Danny Lee and the Song Birds.
  • Spotify’s partnership with Moonbirds shows that the music streaming platform isn’t giving up on Web3, despite taking a break. 
  • This collaboration marks how merging music, art and blockchain can create new engaging avenues.

Spotify Orchestrates a New Web3 Symphony

Spotify now hosts a tailor-made playlist for Moonbirds, ‘Sound of a Digital Renaissance’. Carefully put together by Danny Lee and the Song Birds, the track compilations feature a multitude of hits from famous musicians such as Tame Impala and Diplo.

Despite a slight setback, with only Moonbirds from select countries and owning an Android device able to access the tracks, this recent partnership highlights an excellent way for the OG NFT brand to work alongside Web2 and bolster a unique experience for community members.

Spotify’s NFT History 

Spotify first began exploring NFTs in 2022, testing a feature for artists to promote digital art. However, amid crypto-market volatility and shifting economic conditions, the music streaming platform’s Web3 ambitions began to wane.

However, in 2023, Spotify began piloting NFT-gating playlists with Bored Ape‘s metaverse band, Kingship, releasing a playlist only NFT holders could access when linking their crypto wallets. Similarly to Moonbirds, the pilot also had geographical limitations and was only available for Android users, following restrictions posed by Apple Inc.

Other communities, including Flur and Overlord, have also took to the streaming platform to create NFT gated playlists. Building upon the success, the Moonbirds’ ‘Sound of a Digital Renaissance’ comes to light, creating new opportunities for collectors, artists, and music lovers to engage with digital assets.

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