Pudgy Penguins Organize an Immersive Experience at NYC

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On April 12, Pudgy Penguins promises to “take over” New York City with an immersive and interactive experience at the Lightbox.

Quick Takes: 

  • Pudgy Penguins is preparing to host an immersive, interactive experience in NYC on April 12 at the Lightbox.
  • Lightbox is an experience incubator that focuses on creating cutting-edge immersive experiences.
  • Consequently, Lil Pudgys’ interactive event promises to engage participants into a state-of-the-art virtual world.

What to Expect from Pudgy NYC

The loveable Pudgy Penguins NFT collectibles are ready to bring an immersive and interactive experience to New York City. Fans can interact with their favorite digital penguins in unique, exciting ways. Newcomers can enjoy the cute characters for the first time, in the best of ways.

The NFT brand took to Twitter to excite fans and potential attendees:

Lightbox is a hi-tech space that produces the next generation of experiential. The company utilizes its multi-level venue with 360-degree projection technology equipment. Hence, it’s a renowned hub for innovation in brand storytelling, new media art, and event production.

The event venue has experience working with more than 500 companies, creating digital and physical encounters. Now, Pudgy Penguins are joining its wall of fame.

Participants can enter a virtual world featuring delightful characters during the Pudgy Penguins event. In addition, they can interact with them innovatively, further solidifying the popularity of digital art collectibles.

Watch for announcements and updates for Pudgy NYC. Then, get ready to shuffle into the world of Pudgy Penguins in the heart of Manhattan!

Can’t wait that long? Meet with the Lil Pudgys’ at tomorrow’s ‘Pudgy Penguins Asia Huddle‘ event.

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