Sony to Introduce NFTs into PlayStation Games

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According to a recent patent published by Sony Interactive Entertainment, the Japanese manufacturer of consumer electronics products is investing in incorporating non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and blockchain technology into PlayStation games.

Quick Takes: 

  • Sony published the patent ‘NFT Framework For Transferring And Using Digital Assets Between Game Platforms’ to interpret NFTs into PlayStation games.
  • The patent supports the sales of NFTs via its own marketplace powered by a digital ledger that publicly displays prices.
  • It also outlines Sony’s intention to rent NFTs to streaming viewers and players of PlayStation.
PlayStation Games

Ways PlayStation Plans to Integrate NFTs

Sony’s patent, ‘NFT Framework For Transferring And Using Digital Assets Between Game Platforms’, was filed in November 2022. However, it was finally published publicly last week.

One of the reasons for the delay includes preventing rivals from copying Sony’s solid ideas before being fully ready.

Now, Sony’s complete proposed framework intends to offer a smooth approach for exchanging digital assets between game platforms on PlayStation devices. In addition, it is adding central digital touchpoints between itself and its consumers that capture value when acquired and resold.

Additionally, the patent filing indicates that Sony will support the sale of NFTs to other players via a marketplace powered by a digital ledger that publicly displays prices.

However, this concept is different from Sony’s most ambitious plan for monetizing blockchain. Another patent outlines the firm’s intention to rent NFTs to players and streaming viewers.

This incentive for PlayStation games can enhance gameplay and interactive experiences entirely. It has the ability to make gaming a more pleasurable experience for all gamers.

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