Microsoft’s Edge Browser Teases Built-In NFT Wallet

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According to leaked screenshots by an alias member on Twitter, Microsoft’s Edge browser is introducing a built-in wallet for NFTs and cryptocurrencies. And it looks pretty spot on.

Quick Takes: 

  • Microsoft reportedly integrates Web3 technology into its Edge browser, introducing a built-in wallet for cryptocurrencies and NFTs.
  • This Web3 integration will eliminate the need for third-party applications like MetaMask or Coinbase Wallet.
  • Leaked screenshots on Twitter suggest that the Edge crypto wallet will support non-custodial control over crypto assets.
One of four leaked screenshots of Microsoft’s Web3 integration from “Albacore” (Source: Albacore)

Microsoft’s Apparent Web3 Integration Explained

Leaked screenshots show that Microsoft is working towards simplifying Web3 experiences for its customers. As such, the largest computer software vendor worldwide is incorporating a crypto and NFT wallet into its Edge browser.

Microsoft is yet to officially reveal news about this integration. However, a pseudonymous insider named “Albacore” leaked news of the upcoming functionality on Twitter:

This integration will house users’ crypto funds within the interface designated for stored credit cards. Consequently, the desktop browser will include third-party applications like MetaMask or Coinbase Wallet to make it easier for crypto novices to start their Web3 journeys.

The first screenshot showcases crypto holdings with a visually appealing wallet balance graph. Additional tabs include a transaction history, Web3-focused news, and a dedicated NFT page.

The NFT wallet section is similar to the popular trading site Blur. It suggests Microsoft will support NFTs from multiple sources and provide an intuitive gallery.

Moreover, other screen grabs emphasize that the wallet is non-custodial. As a result, users can maintain complete control over their crypto assets. Thus, Microsoft will not possess access to private keys or the power to freeze funds. Instead, upholding the “freedom to transact” principle, a cornerstone of the crypto ethos, is crucial—anything less would be deemed insufficient.

Microsoft’s move to integrate a crypto wallet and NFT support within the Edge browser reflects the growing mainstream adoption of digital assets.

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