Liverpool FC and Sorare Build New Goals for Fantasy Football NFTs

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Liverpool FC and Sorare are ahead of the game for creating fantasy sports NFTs—here’s how LFC fans can score big

With Pac-21 and NFL Rarity League recently creating NFT collections, sports collectibles appear to be the new “in-thing”. However, Liverpool FC and Sorare have been ahead of the game, joining forces to create fantasy football collectibles on the Ethereum blockchain since last year.

The UK football team recently noticed the true benefits of NFTS—expanding its relationship with Sorare, making the gaming platform an official global partner.

Quick take:

  • Sorare becomes the official global partner of Liverpool FC
  • The expanded partnership means more digital content and experiences for LFC fans
  • LFC fans can score big with Solana’s licensed digital sports cards

But together, how will Liverpool FC and Sorare keep scoring new achievements on the blockchain?

The Need for the Partnership

Sorare is a gaming platform that mixes the real world with Web3, highlighting licensed digital sports cards of real football players across 250 international teams.

Liverpool first joined forces with the fantasy football platform last year. Sorare took to Twitter to show off about the new partnership on January 5, 2021:

The cards represent all Liverpool players, including the much-loved Trent Alexander-Arnold and Virgil van Dijk. When a player succeeds in real life—like scores a goal—the person who owns the NFT of the scoring player will win a reward. The prizes include: a visit to the Liverpool stadium, match day experiences, merchandise, and more.

The popularity of this game comes as no surprise. Sorare has assisted Liverpool fans in experiencing a new world of devotion over the past year. These digital collectibles allow fans to hone their passion for the game, manage their favorite players’ cards, and earn rewards simultaneously.

So, what will be achieved differently this time around?

Liverpool FC and Sorare – What’s in the Pipeline?

As usual, all Liverpool FC players will be available on the NFTs as digital cards on Sorare’s fantasy game —ready for fans to collect, trade and compete with for the opportunity to earn rewards.

The point of this expanded partnership is for Sorare to push more multimedia content and exciting experiences on the platform.

“At Liverpool Football Club, we’re always striving to pioneer new technologies for our supporters, to enhance their fan experience and make them feel as connected as possible to this club,”

said Liverpool FC Commercial Director, Ben Latty, in a press release.

The partnership follows Sorare recently raising $680 million in a Series B funding round, bringing the platform’s valuation to $4.3 billion.

But, although Sorare has the funds to create these new, promised enhanced opportunities created for Liverpool FC fans, little detail about what’s to come is yet to be revealed. In this case, patience is a virtue!

How to Score Big With Sorare NFTs

If wanting to score these digital sports cards, head to Sorare’s official website. Once entering the website, you will need to:

  • Choose your favorite sport (football)
  • Sign up using your details
  • Accept the terms and conditions
  • Activate your Sorare account by confirming an email

Things get interesting once having an account. The platform will place you in a card-raffle before issuing you digital sports cards representing Liverpool players—all of which have different scarcities depending on their performances:

Once learning about the card’s scarcities, you will get the opportunity to learn about the card(s) details:

Liverpool FC and Sorare

Here’s what the details mean:

  • The green box with the number 92 represents the average score based on the player’s real-life scoring performance over the last five games. The average score is from 0-100.
  • +5% in the white box highlights bonus points which can be one when playing in a game named “Game Weeks”, to boost the player’s performance and win additional points.
  • Number 23 in the blue circle means this NFT is playable in the “Under 23” league.

    Next up, it is time to create your team lineup by adding one of the cards to five different positions and picking the best player you believe will suit being the captain.

    Note: You can earn points dependent on your player’s performance in real-life and win prizes depending on the managers with the best scores.
Liverpool FC and Sorare

As you can see, a player will appear in the top left, where you can decide whether or not they are suitable for goalkeeping (GK), defense (DF), midfielder (MID), wing forward (FW), or as an extra (EXTRA).

Here, you can also see the player’s average score in the last five games played in the real-world—to help you decide where to place them on the pitch.

Once you have picked your team, your game starts! Depending on the performance of your players depends on the rewards you win.

Despite costing around $280 in March last year, the average sale price for a Sorare NFT is now $86.14—so, get in there quick!

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