Get Ready to Rep Your Team With NFL Rarity League NFTs

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Purchase an NFL Rarity League NFT to score high on a brand-new blockchain game

The first-ever collection of NFL Rarity League NFTs—supporting 32 Super Bowl teams and granting access to a hot new arcade-style football game—are ready to drop on August 30.

So, get ahead of the game and support your favorite National Football League (NFL) team and city with these limited-edition helmet collectibles.

What is Rarity League?

NFL Rarity League NFTs consists of 2,500 digital assets showcasing NFL helmets from all American Super Bowl teams. 

The limited collection represents unique generative art of 3D helmets—all of which have more than 500 traits of various rarities, funky backgrounds, and animations. You are bound to get a quirky looking one!

All of these digital assets provide owners access to special events, in-game rewards, and other unique football-related goodies. 

A Kick-Start to a Brand-New Game

One of the biggest assets of these collectibles is that they all function on the league’s first blockchain game developed in collaboration with Mythical Games, NFT Rivals.

The helmets open up the doors for building your dream team and dominating this brand-new arcade-style game ideal for football fanatics. 

The perks of owning a NFL Rarity League NFT and partaking in the game, NFT Rivals, are endless:

  • Early access for NFL Rival NFTs: Once owning a Rarity League NFT, you will have the first takings of NFL Rivals NFTs that will be launching shortly. 
  • Claim a guild: You will get the opportunity to claim a guild. Thus, you can recruit the best gamers to compete for their guilds in exchange for rewards, alongside receiving rewards and prizes including NFL player cards, in-game currency and resources.
  • Access to exclusive events: The chance to win rare NFTs as rewards when winning in-game tournaments exclusive to Rarity League owners.
  • Private beta access: You can get ahead of the game and gain access to NFL Rival’s private Beta.
  • Bonus points: If you purchase more than one Rarity League collectible within a single drop, you will receive a rare NFT of an NFL Rival player as a reward.

Interested? Now it’s time to score yourself your first Rarity League NFT to build your own team, dominate your rivals and take home that superior Super Bowl trophy.

Score Yourself a Rarity League NFT

To purchase a Rarity League NFT, you can mint however many you desire on the Rarity League website. Minting costs just 0.14 ETH! 

Not forgetting, the more you mint, the more you earn. For instance, you will receive a Rivals Reward Token when minting just 3 NFL helmet NFTs in a single drop. Better still, you will receive another additional one when minting 5.

Reward tokens are also airdropped to your wallet within 48 hours of each drop.

To achieve such goals, you must first create an Ethereum wallet. If you don’t have one already, follow this guide to create your own MetaMask wallet.

Rarity League will also release a series of drops. So, check out Rarity League’s Discord, Instagram and Twitter for frequent updates.

If you miss out on purchasing these types of NFTs, fear not! You will be able to find them on secondary marketplaces, like OpenSea, to kick-start your football game. 

Who will you be reppin? 

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