Pac-12 Becomes First College Sports Conference to Create NFTs

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Pac-12 partners with Fanaply, Recur and Veritone to build and engage fan communities with NFTs

Pac-12 has joined forces with two technology companies developing and designing NFTs, Fanaply and Recur, alongside artificial intelligence (AI) specialist Veritone, to create the first-ever collection of college sports conference NFTs.

Quick take:

  • Pac-12 signed a licensing deal with Recur, Veritone and Fanaply to create NFTs
  • Veritone and Recur work with college athletes to authorize and create NFTs of their best moments
  • The NFTs will be available on Recur’s NFT marketplace, NFTU

But what do these new digital assets have to offer?

About Pac-12 NFTs

To best represent Pac-12, Recur and Veritone are creating video-styled NFTs that best highlight the performance of Pac-12 athletes. The designers are working with college athletes to authorize their ideas containing the sports players’ highlights—to abide by the new Pac-12 Networks NIL Licensing program, which was launched earlier this month.

Pac-12 will issue the limited-edition digital assets throughout the season to celebrate the big football championship game in December.

Following this, the college sports conference took to Twitter to share the good news:

Fans can buy, sell and trade the NFT’s on Recur’s marketplace, NFTU, specifically designed to represent college sports-related NFTs.

On the plus side, the NFTs are environmentally friendly. Fanaply shows dedication to protecting our environment; therefore, it mints the NFTs on a proof-of-stake blockchain (Polygon) that consumes 99.99% less energy than industry-standard blockchain networks.

To further erase environment-related concerns, Pac-12 is also working with Offsetra, a pro-climate company, to counteract any residual emissions from activity on the blockchain, making the NFT operation 100% carbon neutral.

Despite most likely already being sold on the idea of these digital assets, check out Pac-12’s NFT roadmap:

Pac-12’s Roadmap

According to Pac-12’s official NFT website, the digital assets roadmap includes:


  • 2022 Season Kickoff NFT
  • Discord channel launches
  • Division Pacs launch


  • Six weeks of football themed NFT drops
  • Complete the set for a greater chance at winning


  • Road to the football championship begins!
  • A series of NFT drops celebrating the big game with access to premiere prizing


  • Football championship game has arrived!
  • Opportunities to earn free NFTs at the game
  • Collect celebratory NFTs at home by watching on the Pac-12 streaming platform

For now, be sure to keep a look out on Pac-12’s Twitter for updates regarding the upcoming Pac-12 Discord Channel. The social is set to launch in a few weeks and will be a place for members to chat football and win prizes.

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