Grandmother Grove – The Power of DeFi Reforestation

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Using DeFi protocols to help combat climate change

Grandmother Grove works on integration partnerships with organizations in the Web3 digital world and real-life events to plant trees using Defi protocols.

But how exactly does this reforestation project use such protocols to help combat climate change?


Grandmother Grove is a non-profit entity that has planted 12,857 trees to date. The project continues to aim for higher heights, producing thousands more with help from DAO garners and donations.

Being a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), not one central authority makes decisions on the project. Instead, a community-led establishment on the blockchain passionate about reforestation makes upcoming decisions about Grandmother Grove’s future. At least 3 DAO members must sign off for any funds before action transpires.

One of the members and community manager for Unchained Music, Ryan Ferris, speaks up about the reasons behind Grandmother Grove:

“Burning Man leaves the desert a desert. We want to transform the desert back into a forest.

“There is a lot of focus on the environmental impact of NFTs, which is a fair point regarding Proof of Work (PoW) chains. This is putting off a lot of folks, especially the younger generation. We aim to capture value from this abstract digital space and turn it into real-world impact by planting or conserving entire forests.

“To me, the only causes worth pursuing are those that are unifying and self-evidently good. Rainforest conservation and restoration is one such cause—it resonates across cultures, religions and political affiliations. It is something very much needed at this time in history. We need a biosphere. It’s pretty simple. “

To ensure the DAO meets its ambitious tree-planting initiative, team members place half of the proceeds into Charged Particles DeFi NFT. The remaining chunk goes toward planting trees through the Eden Project—twice yearly with the interest gains, without losing the initial sum.


Helping towards planting more trees, Grandmother Grove is sponsoring Mary Hush, an intentional underground festival in New Zealand, on July 23rd.

“We had this idea at the beginning of Grandmother Grove, to create a festival that plants trees, conserves forests, or even regenerates the land it holds. We’re getting closer to this goal with each month. Of course, festivals and shows are often celebrations for its own sake – which is okay too. But imagine planting an entire forest resulting from people coming together to dance and enjoy music and art. For us, that’s a true cause for celebration,” adds Ferris.

Unfortunately, Mary Hush is an invite-only event. However, you can join the metaverse event, Return to Green, from July 23-31.

Return to Green is one of the first virtual world experiences for the Regenerative Finance Movement. Attendees can listen to talks and dialogues about real-world issues and enjoy immersive art, collaboration and music performances. NFT auctions/sales will also take place, donating all proceeds to the worthy cause.

You can also pledge towards planting trees using crypto through Grandmother Grove itself. If you’d rather pay in FIAT, contribute directly via the Eden Project.

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