Trump’s Team Reserved Rarest NFTs for Themselves

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Trump recently launched a collection of NFT cards representing himself. It appears that the Trump team reserved the rarest ones for themselves

While Donald Trump launching an NFT collection showcasing himself is hilarious enough, straight after the launch, the team behind the American former president minted a thousand of these NFTs to his vault wallet to keep the rarest ones to themselves.

Quick Take: 

  • Donald Trump recently promoted an NFT collection of 45,000 commemorating various scenes of his life.
  • The collection was produced and marketed by NFT INT LLC.
  • The team behind the NFTs minted a thousand NFTs to their own vault wallet straight after the launch.
  • Concerns regarding fairness of the minting process are being raised.

Contraversy Behind Trump NFT Cards

NFT INC LLC produced and marketed the Trump NFT Cards that cost $99 each, despite the company having an unknown past.

Each NFT gives users a chance to win Trump-related prizes. The rewards include dinner with the Former President, golf at one of his courses, and a Zoom call with Trump himself.

The morning following the sale, which generated about $4.5 Million in primary sales, news broke on Twitter suggesting that the team behind the NFTs are reserving the rarest NFTs for themselves.

According to a recent Twitter post, just one day after making his NFT collection publicly available on 14 December 2022, research has found that Donald Trump created his own vault wallet via gnosis safe.

The gnosis safe (under the wallet address 0xfb65415Ca83B69DA9bC56B4C9C2334fa402baCd7) shows that Trump’s team minted 1k NFTs to their own wallet, raising concerns about reasons for doing so.

Check out the wallet’s history:

Anyone who knows the Web3 space knows that highly-sought-after NFTs sell for more once selling out at later dates and on secondary marketplaces, like OpenSea. The Trump cards are already selling for around 0.159 ($190), double the entry of $99.

Additionally, people are raising concerns over the legitimacy of the collections randomness during the minting process. 47 of 179 1 of 1 NFTs and 28% of “autograph” NFTs were minted by this wallet.

Only 0.4% of the collection are 1 of 1s, whereas 0.16% of this collection have the autograph trait.

The reserved NFTs appear the rarest, and therefore, are the most expensive.

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