Exploring the NFT Project Honoring the 90s [Interview with 90s Babes Co-Founder]

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NFT Lately goes back in time with the Co-Founder of 90s Babes, Danielle Petty, to discuss the reasons for honoring the nostalgia of the 90s through digital assets

Firstly, please tell me about yourself:

My name’s Danielle Petty, I’m a mom to the world’s coolest 4-year-old and the Creative Director and Co-Founder behind the 90s Babes. I’m a former Google executive with a background in technology and marketing. I have been running a digital marketing agency for the last 5+ years with one of my best friends Steve Neigut, and came into the Web3 space in August of 2021. The community makes me fall in love with this project—each individual makes a difference to help build businesses and support each other to succeed.

Can you explain 90s Babes in three sentences?

The 90s Babes is a 5k generative NFT project that celebrates our history as agents of change—uplifting, empowering, and onboarding more women and non-binary folk into the Web3 space while honoring the nostalgia of the 90s. 

What was the inspiration behind 90s Babes?

Besides the fact that the 90s are the best decade, we wanted to create a project that people could find identity behind, regardless of their knowledge of NFTs. 

90s Babes are the OG in email, browsing, texting, blogging, coding, influencing, and more. We are the generation that bridges the gap between technology and the pioneers of the tech age through NFTs.

Women of the 90s share the same defining characteristics driving the success of every NFT, and that is authenticity. 

“90s Babes celebrates our history as agents of change—uplifting, empowering, and onboarding more women and non-binary folk into the Web3 space,”

says Danielle Petty, Co-Founder of 90s Babes.

How is 90s Babes unique compared to other NFT projects?

Uniting a community of nostalgia-loving individuals to reminisce, celebrate and relive the joy of the 90s is our goal. Meanwhile, simultaneously providing a safe and welcoming environment to onboard new users into the space. 

We consistently work towards ways to build the future for long-term sustainability outside of just NFTs and Web3.

In which ways do you associate with 90 Babes?

As a 90s baby, I have always been obsessed with the decade—the music, the movies, and the thought of living in simpler times. Playing outside with my neighbor’s children until the streetlights would come on, with no cell phone, felt like what I know the feeling of “no worries” to be. Working on the 90s Babe project allows me to relive and reminisce those moments.

What are the most critical factors in project growth so far?

One of the most critical factors in project growth has been centered around our community. We are continuously inspiring a community of nostalgia-loving friends who believe in what we are building and love the 90s—creating space to allow folks to return to those times when things were simpler and breathe fun into our lives.

What’s in the pipeline for 90s Babes?

Building a sustainable future for our 90s-loving community is the main aim of our project. I can’t say too much just yet, but we recently formed a partnership with Hollywood producer David Uslan to build a global IP with our brand.

After months of planning, we are also getting ready to kick off the first phase before the end of 2022.

Where can readers learn more about you and your project?

To learn more about my journey, you can follow myself and 90s Babes on Twitter and join our Discord to stay in the loop with upcoming events, next steps, and the future we have coming up:


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