FilSwan, Chainlink, ISOTOP and Ape Miner Set Sail to Host Web3 Yacht Party

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FilSwan, Chainlink, ISOTOP and Ape Miner are jumping on deck to discuss all things Web3 at sea this upcoming Wednesday

FilSwan, Chainlink, ISOTOP and Ape Miner are hosting a Web3 yacht party on September 28 at 6pm at New York, Manhattan, from the East River waterfront.

Quick take:

  • NYC Yacht Party is set to take place in New York on September 28
  • The party sets sail at 6 pm from Manhattan’s East River waterfront
  • Organizers include members from FilmSwan, Chainlink, ISOTOP and Ape Miner
  • Tickets are just $39.98 – first come, first served

And oh buoy, oh buoy—here’s why you should rock the boat:

About the NFC Yacht Party

Crypto experts have joined forces to create NYC Yacht Party – NFT & Metafi Storage Night.

Designed for blockchain, Web3, crypto and NFT professionals alike, some of the largest crypto companies will host a series of NFT galleries, several short keynotes, and a round table discussion (combined with a cocktail party) while touching upon all things Web3.

The main aim of the yacht party is to bring together more than 200 NFT and Web3 enthusiasts to share ideas and connect like never before—through good music, beverages and city sights.

The organizers will supply complimentary foods and drinks. So, don’t stress about eating dinner before setting sail!

A top DJ will also be playing dance music until 10pm. So, get ready to bust some moves with like-minded individuals.

The Organizers Behind the Fun

The organizers of this Web3 yacht party—set to host insightful keynotes and round table discussions—include:

  • FilSwan:  FilSwan dedicates itself to decentralized storage and computing solutions, assisting Web3 projects in integrating data, computing, storage and payment into one safe space.
  • Chainlink: Created to empower Web3 startups with resources necessary for success, Chainlink is a decentralized oracle network that connects blockchains with data off-chain.
  • ISOTOP: Based in New York, Shanghai and Chongqing, ISOTOP is a leading Web3 company that provides smart contract deployment and Web3 consultants to customers worldwide.
  • Ape Miner: The world’s first blockchain-based Web3 game that joins the metaverse with the real-world 

Which better organizers could you possibly ask to host this exciting yacht party this upcoming Wednesday?

Jump on Board – Event Deets

If wanting to participate in this Web3 yacht party, tickets are only $39.98!

The tickets are first come first served. Although, if you’re lucky, the last day for purchases will be September 27.

To guarantee access to this unmissable opportunity, click here to purchase your ticket.

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