Billboard ChartStars & Intel Evo Collaborate for an Exclusive NFT Drop

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Billboard ChartStars, along with Intel EVO, is launching a four-part NFT drop series, which started on 20th September. The beneficiaries of the NFT drop stand to get a free Intel Evo VIP pass along with unlocking some powerful performances.

Quick Take

  • Billboard and Intel EVO are coming together to release a free Intel Evo VIP pass. 
  • The pass is a part of the four-part NFT drop on Billboard ChartStars. 
  • Each NFT will have a unique utility and provide a new music experience.  

What will the Holders of the NFTs Unlock?

In the drop completed on the 20th of September, the users unlocked free NFTs. They also got membership access to the Billboard ChartStars community and access to the Discord dashboard. 

Following this drop, the next one will happen on September 26th, 2022, starting with Latin Music Week. The first 250 collectors will get a chance to attend the En Vivo performance with Bresh. This performance will take place in Miami on 1st October. 

Attendees showing up between 9p to 10:30p and presenting proof of ownership at the Oasis Wynwood will get free access. Not only this, but they will also get the VIP experience throughout the night. 

The attendees will have another option, which is to redeem their NFTs onsite and get the opportunity to upgrade them within the premises. 

Billboard ChartStars X Intel Evo NFT Drop: More Rewards for the Concertgoers

The ones attending the Latin Music Week can further collect more Billboard ChartStars NFTs and get their chance to win other rewards. The star-studded 3-day program will have scannable QR codes that attendees can redeem for six additional NFTs. 

In addition to this, anyone redeeming three or more 3 NFTs can also stand to win exclusive merchandise. 

The third drop will happen in November before the R&B/Hip-Hop Summit. Fans and attendees redeeming all three Billboard ChartStars NFTs can enter a super challenge NFT that will unlock an opportunity to receive a real-life gift. 

About Billboard

Billboard is a digital collectible platform allowing users to mint collectibles with negligible energy. It works in association with UNBLOCKED, and there is no need for anyone to get a wallet for minting collectibles. Built on an eco-friendly blockchain, Billboard is working to integrate NFT technology into the music industry. 


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