Wanderers NFT Review | Everything You Need To Know About The Wanderers NFT Collection

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‘The Wanderers’ is an NFT collection stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. 

It was launched on August 15, 2021, by Nick (the animator), Emerald (the programmer), Wyatt (the illustrator), and Landon (the sound designer).

In case you don’t know, let me tell you that Twitter’s founder, Jack Dorsey, auctioned off his first tweet for $2.5 million as an NFT. The proceeds of this NFT sale were converted into bitcoin and donated to an NGO called GiveDirectly.

This is one of the real-life examples of NFT, and there have been many such cases. Therefore, NFTs have made valuable things that do not exist in the physical world.

The NFT market is growing, and it is undoubtedly catching a lot of eyeballs.

This article will discuss more on the NFT collection – ‘The Wanders.’ Let’s begin by understanding the NFT first.

What is an NFT?

A non-fungible token (NFT) is data appended to a file to produce a distinct signature. It can be anything like an image file, a piece of music, a domain name, a website text, an in-game item, or a variety of other digital formats. 

NFTs are considered digital assets and like any other asset NFT also represents ownership.

But what it represents is different from other assets. Non-fungible assets represent ownership over artistic forms, such as music, videos, real estate etc. These assets are also treated as modern day collectibles.

The selling and buying of these assets are done through online platforms i.e. digitally and the ownership of the same is also transferred through digital proof.

It uses the same technology that crypto currencies use for recording and keeping the record of transactions. This technology is called block chain, so NFTs are recorded securely using this digital ledger.

What Are ‘The Wanderers’?

The Wanderers is a collection of 8,888 unique tokens or infamous band of voyagers that are popular for their legendary travel. 

The Wanderers are stored as ERC-721 and hosted on the InterPlanetary File System, a protocol network used for storing and sharing data.

Each wanderer is unique and distinct from one another, containing various animated attributes along with the music. 

The author of the series is Nick Greenawalt who publishes videos around his interesting digital works on Youtube and teaches online.

What Was the Most Expensive ‘The Wanderers’ Sale?

In the last seven days, The Wanderers NFTs were sold 115 times. In addition, the total sales volume for the Wanderers was $304.12k in the last seven days and the average price of one the Wanderers NFT was $2.6k.

The most expensive ‘The Wanderers’ NFT sold was for $44.4k on November 14, 2021.

The Notable Sales of ‘The Wanderers’

  • Wanderer #708 was sold for 8.8 ETH on OpenSea on August 18, 2021. It was the second highest-selling NFT in the collection.
  • Wanderer #7060 was sold for 7 ETH on OpenSea on August 30, 2021. Again, making it the second-highest selling NFT in the collection.
  • On August 15, 2021, Wanderer #5448 was sold for 6.9 ETH on OpenSea, and it was the third highest-selling NFT in the collection.

Roadmap of ‘The Wanderers’

  • Launch of WanderFM: A 24/7 live radio station on YouTube will have the Wanderer’s collection on a constant loop for viewing pleasure. It was released on 17th August, 2021. 
  • The Hub comes online: This is a members-only area that will reveal new content for Wanderer’s token holders. Only the members can see the new content.
  • The Gallery is activated: The team is building a tool that users can use to pull high-res images from their Wanderer. These images can be used as users like. For example, profile pictures or get them printed.
  • Phase 1 of the lore behind the Wanderers is dropped: Where they come from and what it all means for your unique Wanderer. This will be part one of a world-building animated series.
  • Planet Pass: It is an evolving universe for all Wanderers. Every Wanderer will receive a Planet Pass and a free home planet. Every time a user visits a new planet, they get a new stamp in its Planet Pass. The universe is alive means that there will be Galactic Events. Intergalactic space battles, anomalies, and mass destruction are just some of the events that will affect the Wanderers universe. It was launched in August 2021. 
  • The Wanderers are revealed: The team will create more animated avatars so that you can see your pilots. All current Wanderers token holders will receive a discount on their avatars.
  • No Wanderer is complete without their own personal spaceship: The team will begin working on 3D generative ships for your Wanderers to use across the metaverse and beyond.
  • More to be announced. The team will announce more in the coming months.

Who Are The Team Members?

How to Buy ‘The Wanderers’ on OpenSea?

Before buying ‘The Wanderers’ NFTs on OpenSea, it is better to go through NFTLately.com to check the reviews, and it will give a good idea about the NFT collections.

Here are the steps that you must follow to buy the Wanderers on OpenSea:

  • Add cryptocurrency to your wallet to buy your ‘The Wanderers’ NFT: Most of the Wanderers NFTs are exchanged using Ether which is the native crypto on the Ethereum blockchain. The first step to buying a Wanderers NFT is to ensure that you have enough ETH in your wallet. 
  • Find your NFT on OpenSea: The platform has thousands of ‘The Wanderers’ NFTs listed. Therefore, you should consider looking through collections to help narrow down the selection.  
  • Transfer ETH to a web3 wallet: You can use MetaMask to make the transfer.  
  • Buy your NFT: When you are ready to make your purchase, click the “Buy Now” button on the specific NFT that you are interested in. 

Final Thoughts

There is a very bright chance to see the NFTs as the future of our world. The probability of witnessing more ideas and use cases is also very high. But a lot of work needs to be done to overcome the issues related to it. It is possible that the NFT becomes the answer for unlocking the liquidity as it is able to bring the digital assets on chain.

If you want to buy a Wanderer token, then you can go to OpenSea marketplace to search for various options. You can also join the Wanders Discord community and learn more about upcoming sales and promotions.  


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