Phanta Bear NFT Collection Review [2022 Guide]

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Heads were turned in the NFT community when a recently launched NFT collection, PhantaBear, dethroned the Bored Ape Yacht Club in terms of trading volume over the past seven days.

The hype around Bored Ape Yacht Club has not died down, with sales continuing to rise and prominent celebrities such as Eminem purchasing NFT Apes. However, Phanta Bear was able to capture the attention of the NFT community through an aggressive marketing campaign, which included a billboard on Times Square that went viral on Twitter.

The Ezek Club launched on Discord and received over 30,000 members in just five days. Ezek Club is planning on releasing further NFT collections and has grand ambitions for the metaverse.

Phanta Bear quickly became one of the hottest NFT projects in the entire ecosystem, and Ezek Club is ensuring that the project has staying power. 

What Is A Phanta Bear?

The NFT collection was launched on New Years’ Day 2022. The 10,000-piece collection depicts virtual bears on the blockchain. 

On January 1st, the 10,000 NFT pieces were sold in under forty minutes and generated over $10 million dollars. Each bear sold for 0.26 ETH, equivalent to $1000. 

Many Phanta Bear buyers resold their NFT avatars at higher prices, the most expensive one selling for 20 ETH ($77,000)

Who Created Phanta Bear?

The Phanta Bear collection was launched by Taiwanese pop star Jay Chou, his fashion brand Phantaci, and blockchain entertainment platform Ezek. The collection features Phantaci fashion, along with different accessories, backgrounds, and color combinations. Each Phanta Bear has their own unique properties. 

According to the Ezek Club website:

“Phanta Bear has two bright, starry eyes, and his heart is filled with the artistic talent of the Mandopop King.”

The Ezek platform was founded by Will Liu & Mark G, together with Ed Ow (pioneer of NFT and Crypto technology for HTC and FullDive) and producer Johnson Chiang.

How To Buy A Phanta Bear?

Phanta Bear NFTs can be bought on their official website, Phanta Bears can also be bought on Opensea and Rarible. 

In order to purchase a Phanta Bear on Opensea, you need to connect your MetaMask wallet to your OpenSea account and place a bid on your preferred bear.

What Happens When You Buy A Phanta Bear?

Purchasing a Phanta Bear NFT unlocks unique levels of access and perks for its owner. Each Phanta Bear also serves as membership cards for the Ezek Club. The Ezek Club is intended to be a metaverse entertainment platform, and holders can attend exclusive events such as concerts and club openings in the metaverse. 

What Is The Phanta Bear Roadmap?

Ezek Club is extraordinarily ambitious with plans for the Phanta Bear NFT collection and beyond. Ezek Club plans on releasing new lines of celebrity NFT collections, and will announce their multi-chain technological partnerships with a top high-tech brand at CES 2022. 

Up next will be the Ezek virtual concert, which holders can access via phone or VR headset. Then will be the launch of the Ezek virtual cinema as well as multi-chain metaverse platform launch. 

Ezek Club is hoping to collaborate with a top-tier tech brand to create a new generation of metaverse VR glasses. 

Should you buy a Phanta Bear? 

Ezek Club is an ambitious project that has wider plans through implementing Web 3.0, VR/AR, and metaverse technology. At a floor price of 2.95 ETH, a PhantaBear NFT is still expensive for most people, albeit less expensive than a Bored Ape NFT. 

While the Phanta Bear NFT collection is certainly not a rug pull for its holders, the ETH cost for a Bear may be daunting for anyone interested in purchasing. 

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