Inside the Company Redefining Customer Engagement with NFTs [Interview With Versify CEO]

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NFT Lately catches up with the CEO of Versify Labs, Troy Smith, to discuss the importance of customer engagement through NFTs

Firstly, please tell me about yourself:

Hello, my name is Troy Smith. I am the CEO & Founder of Versify Labs. I have a career in Software Engineering with a background in Economics. Before Versify, I was the Chief Technology Officer at the Forest Road Company—a specialty finance platform that owns, operates, and invests in exceptional companies that reshape their categories. Before that, I worked for Facebook within their artificial intelligence (AI) program.

Can you explain Versify Labs in three sentences? 

Versify is the leading customer engagement platform that powers interactions between customers and brands via digital collectibles. We integrate hundreds of different applications and tools that enable our customers to automate their web3 engagement strategy seamlessly.

What is the inspiration behind this project?

Upon my journey into the web3 space, founders often conveyed how hard it was to create and distribute their branded digital collectibles. It usually requires several applications to distribute their product without the benefit of tracking or managing their community for the long term. So, we built a platform that enables them to create collectibles, engage with their community, and power unique insights into their customers’ activity so they can re-engage.

“we can integrate with over 5000+ applications to personalize business experiences,”

says Troy Smith, Founder of Versify Labs.

How is Versify Labs unique compared to others circling the space? 

There are many NFT platforms that only handle one piece of the complex web3 puzzle. Some help with the minting process, while some assistance with the commerce process. But for a company to run a successful engagement strategy with digital collectibles, they need to have both applications at a minimum to conduct a successful campaign. We believe that these processes can be combined into one platform. In addition, we can integrate with over 5000+ applications to personalize business experiences.

In which ways do you associate with your project? 

As the Founder and CEO of Versify Labs, I am involved in all company processes, from software and business development to fundraising and legal. We are aggressively expanding our team despite market conditions, so please contact us!

What are the most critical factors in project growth so far?

Our important factors are customer satisfaction, engagement, and support. We believe that to provide a customer engagement platform like Versify; we must show our customers that we care. The support team and I will often conduct outreach to our customers to meet with them and hear their feedback. We walk through the product together and see how Versify can help in their situation—offering us valuable insight into what our customers want.

Does Versify Labs have anything exciting in the pipeline? 

We recently brought on our advisory board Reed McGinley-Stempel, Co-Founder & CEO of Stytch. Reed brings a wealth of knowledge in the B2B SaaS space and experience navigating the fundraising process from inception to Series B in less than two years. In July, we were accepted into and started the Polygon accelerator at Outlier Ventures. As the program ends, we are kicking off our seed raise, allowing us to expand our team to handle the volume of businesses on our waitlist.

On the product side, we have several updates. We have recently updated our user and minting dashboard along with being able to bulk upload customer information through a csv file. Another huge item on our roadmap is the implementation and launch of our partner applications. Soon, Shopify store owners will be able to connect their store to their Versify account, enabling them to issue a digital collectible for every purchase in their store.

Where can readers learn more about Versify Labs?

Go to to check out the platform for yourself. If you sign up in September, you will receive 25 NFTs completely free. Our team is here to provide support and guidance to help you navigate your journey with Versify. We are always ready to give product demos and create content to make your web3 engagement journey seamless! Please take us up on our offer.

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