Tokenproof Partners With Gigantik and Dapper to Launch Token-Gating App

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New NFT ticketing app provides numerous opportunities related to NFTs and real-world events

tokenproof launched a real-world token-gating application on the Flow blockchain yesterday—thanks to help from Web3 companies Gigantik and Dapper.

Quick take:

  • tokenproof partnered with Dapper and Gigantik to create a real-world token-gating application
  • The tokenproof app—that was launched yesterday—includes Gigantik’s robust API system and features
  • The application allows Dapper wallet holders and Gigantik’s brand partners to quickly authenticate the ownership of NFTs

Benefits Behind the Partnership

So, what are these Web3 companies all about?

tokenproof is a Web3 authentication platform that allows for real-time ownership confirmation for numerous use cases. Dapper is a ‘smart wallet’ that supports ERC-721 and ERC-20 tokens on the Flow blockchain—an open, decentralized platform with a well-renowned ecosystem of NFT creators from brands.

Gigantik enables Web3 experiences through NFTs, allowing brands to focus on strategy, creativity, and community—and is no stranger to the Flow blockchain:

All companies have joined forces to create a mobile app for both iOs and Android devices to host online and real-world token-gating on the Flow blockchain. The tokenproof application allows Dapper wallet holders and Gigantik’s brand partners to quickly authenticate the ownership of NFTs before allowing access to real-life events.

“This partnership will further allow our brand partners to lead the way in the web3 space by providing them the tools to innovate within their core business models and own their entire experience from the ground up,”

said Ronin, Head of Partner Strategy for GigLabs, the creators of the Gigantik platform.

The core advantages of these companies collaborating also include brands building stronger relationships with their fans and expanding their target markets through state-of-the-art NFT interactions.

About the Tokenproof Integration App

The tokenproof app includes Gigantik’s robust API system and features for brands to integrate their core business products.

Brands can receive real-time activation data through the tokenproof integration app regarding an event. The reports will assist in essential metrics to keep informed about how many attendees there are, alongside what’s working and what is not.

NFTs used this way have the ability to deliver value back to event attendees and entice them to return. For instance, brands can give away mints, airdrops, snapshots, reward points, etc., through the digital assets.

Owning one of our partner NFTs can now get you exclusive event access, reward unique perks, and even apply discounts when checking out at a brick and mortar store with virtually none of the friction some have come to expect of blockchain technology,”

continued Ronin.

Better still, the NFTs can be used to confirm ownership in the real-world—like checking the NFT on the application which represents a concert ticket, before allowing them access into the venue, for example.

Operating the Application

To use this integration app, you must download the application before verifying ownership of the live event by entering a unique authentication number provided by Gigantik.

Verifying ownership of the live event is straightforward. All you need to do is:

  • Download the Tokenproof app
  • Connect the Tokenproof app to the crypto wallet Dapper
  • Enter a unique authentication code provided by Gigantik into the Tokenproof app
  • Receive a unique QR code
  • Show the QR code for the verifier to scan
  • The authenticator app will flash green and say ‘Authentication Approved’
  • Ownership is confirmed—enjoy the event!

If your app looks like this, it is working!

What’s to Come

Gigantik brand partners are already ready to provide new and exciting customer experiences. For example, Speedway Motorsports will use the app for the first time at the NASCAR Cup playoff race this Sunday. Holders of NASCAR NFTs will receive two tickets used as an entry for the race.

Following this, next month on November 5, the “Players’ Lounge” will host a tailgate event at the University of Georgia where only holders of the Digitally Generated Dawgs (DGD) NFTs can attend, marking some of the first users of this new initiative.

All Things Considered

In short, this new tokenproof application is bringing something unique to the Web3 world that is helpful in the real world. You can use the app to verify that someone holds the necessary tokens to unlock a particular experience, such as receiving a store discount, gaining access to a token-gated event, and more.

Therefore, brands can own their entire event experience from start to finish. They can better track attendees of their events, alongside what went well and what did not. And, if feeling generous, give rewards to their collectors via the digital assets, like access to airdrops, free NFTs or physical giveaways.

It comes as no surprise that the ability to authenticate ownership of NFTs is becoming more paramount to real-life experiences. Look at Starbucks’ rewards program, for example. The opportunities behind NFTs really are limitless.

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