Top 10+ NFT Memes to Get You Smiling (Constantly Updated)

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Ready for a quick chuckle? Check out these top 10+ NFT memes ripping into the world’s best digital assets

NFT memes can be a bit of a pain to find but, luckily, we’ve got you, boo. We are supplying you with humorous images for and against NFTs because… why the hell not? During this bear market, it’s better to laugh than cry.

Looking for attention? Send them to a friend—and no, not an NFT friend dubbed “sp0nkypantz” on Discord, a real one (if you get out enough to have any!).

Some people just don’t get it

NFT memes

We all know what our dad’s are thinking – “Great, you paid $4,000 for a hyped-up digital image that is no different from a JPEG. Well done, son.” **rolls eyes**

Of course, NFT memes are much more than a JPEG. From verification of ownership to authenticity of the artwork… the list goes on. Some morons just don’t get it.

That time Reddit bamboozled the anti-NFT crowd

When all your friends see is…

NFT memes

We’ve all been there – ranting to friends about how NFTs are the evolution of humanity, and them sniggering while scrolling through a bunch of apes, punks and fluffy animals wearing headphones on OpenSea.

Artwork isn’t the only criticism

NFT memes

One of the biggest issues continuously raised is of course our carbon footprint. Haven’t you ever heard of Ethereum 2.0, Karen? As for the monkeys, we’re all for it.

If you know, you know

NFT memes

Anyone who’s done their research will know that there’s much more to NFTs than what meets the eye. NFTs allow creatives, like musicians, to make a living through a new medium which is extremely advantageous.

But, hey-ho, that’s just another asset many people can’t be bothered to learn about.

Check out these top 5 music projects to never be forgotten.

The want to be rich

NFT memes

Because nothing can kick you up the arse to work harder than Beeple’s “Everydays: The First 5000 Days” selling for a whopping $69.3 million.

gm, mfs

NFT memes

So what? It’s 10pm on a school night? GM! Time has no place in this space, and it’s cool to rant about it.

Oh, how times change

Well, what can we say, we’ve hit rock bottom.

Thank god for Ethereum 2.0

Although price changes aren’t happening immediately, the Ethereum merge with Beacon Chain is finally complete! The blockchain network is closer to switching to Ethereum 2.0 for lower gas fees once and for all. Will the changes amount to this? Probably not. But let us dream through NFT memes god damn it.

Anything that’s worth something

The NFT hype proved that some people are willing to buy anything in hope that it will be worth at least ‘something’ in the long run—whatever that ‘something’ may be. Punk avatar wearing a facemask, ape PFP smoking a cigar? Why the scooby not? Take my wallet.

Get your prioritize right

Last but not least, get your prioritize right! If you’re a crypto enthusiast your collection is probably worth more, anyway! Plus, NFTs can be cuter and don’t answer back.

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