The Most Expensive Cardano NFTs of All Time

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Historically, the Cardano NFT ecosystem has been relatively underhyped. But why? Are Cardano smart contracts not capable of things possible on other chains like Ethereum, Solana, or Polygon? Is the community just smaller? What have been the biggest Cardano NFT sales ever?

In this guide we will outline the most memorable (read: expensive) Cardano NFT sales ever.

Also, a quick shout-out to JPG.Store, @Rowweber, and the team behind Ore, who spent tons of time with me on a Twitter space to help me understand the CNFT community and ultimately inspire this article.

The Most Expensive CNFT Sales of All Time

SpaceBudz #9936 ($1.1M)

In late 2021, SpaceBudz #9936 sold for a whopping 510,000 ADA (approximately $1.1 Million at the time), making headlines as the first CNFT sale ever over $1M. Eyebrows were raised, even among the Ethereum crowd who was already familiar with expensive NFT sales.

SpaceBud $9936 was a rare Dino as seen here.

Following the sale, the SpaceBudz bot proudly broke the news on Twitter.

ChilledKong8885 ($250,000)

ChilledKong8885 sold for over $250,000 (135,000 ADA), making it the most expensive CNFT from the collection.

Edward de’ Medici ($215,000)

Edward de’ Medici, an NFT from the Ape Society Collection, sold for 107,000 ADA (about $215,000). This is the sale that really put the Ape Society on the map in the CNFT world.

Clay Nation #1861 ($200,000)

Clay Nation #1861 was sold on September 9th, 2021 for 100,000 ADA (approximately $200,000) making it the 2nd most expensive Cardano NFT of all time.

Clay Nation #7279 ($180,000)

On the same day as Clay Nation #1861, Clay Nation #7279 sold for almost $180,000 (88,888 ADA to be exact)

PAVIA -17 -18 ($100,000)

On November 11, 2021, Pavel -17 -18 was sold for 50,000 ADA, the equivalent of about $100,000. The sale took place on JPG.Store.


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