Top 3 Platforms and Projects for Free NFT Giveaways

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Explore Discord, Twitter and Rare to easily find NFT freebies

NFTs and crypto-related goods can undoubtedly be expensive, so acquiring NFT giveaways is advantageous. This is especially true for novices who want to check out what non-fungible tokens are without breaking their bank balances.

One of the critical benefits of NFTs is that they are non-fungible, therefore, 100% unique. As a result, ownership of an NFT gives access to a rare digital asset that nobody can duplicate⁠, which usually accompanies tons of other perks.

Luckily, you don’t need to be a crypto enthusiast to own an NFT. Many cryptocurrency projects offer giveaways to lure customers in for the first time. In addition, rather than solely issuing NFTs, most projects offer free merchandise, prizes, experiences, and more⁠—in exchange for a more extensive following and solid community.

There are many ways to get your hands on NFT or crypto-related freebies. All you need to do is be at the right place, at the right time,⁠ or go directly to (Rare) to check out the newest NFT projects that most likely offer generous rewards.

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Discord is where the Web3 space thrives. All pressing crypto-related projects own a Discord server, offering various NFT giveaways to boost community engagement.

Each Discord server has unique attributes; some are beneficial for crypto artists and musicians, while others are useful for developers and investors. Whatever you are looking for in a crypto community, the chat app is the number one place to go.

According to Discord itself, some of the top 3 NFT projects offering giveaways on their community channels include:


The collection of Froggies NFTs showcase cute and fun collectibles with hidden traits stored on the Ethereum blockchain. If wanting to own more Froggies, you can buy the digital art on OpenSea and become a member of the community in exchange. Once joining Discord, all members get:

  • A free Froggie NFT when signing up for the first time
  • The chance to win tickets to an ecotour in Costa Rica
  • Free access to community events, to help save frogs and other creatures in need.

All Froggies proceeds go towards saving frogs, so if saving amphibians is your thing, sign up and enjoy the charitable opportunities.


iNFiniTY ft. AZRAQ is plowing towards building a crypto mining farm, and investing in nodes, NFTs, and crypto trading. Helping build its fan base, the project offers Discord members:

  • Exclusive information regarding crypto farm mining
  • Free NFT airdrops
  • Collaboration opportunities
  • Whitelist giveaways
  • Cryptocurrency airdrops

iNFiniTYs NFTs showcase eccentric art. Its collection was originally made from 4000-year-old art of fabric printing, still authentically practiced in rural parts of Pakistan to this day. 


Lucky Buddha Club (Lucky Buddhas) are 8,888 randomly generated NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. The digital assets show off young gods, otherwise known as “The Cenobium”, existing to bring their owner’s good luck. How? By offering extremely generous NFT giveaways once acquiring one:

  • $100k in private jet travel membership
  • Free land in Lucky Buddha’s Metaverse
  • $10k in ETH to 10 Ultra rare Buddhas each
  • Access to tools for business, investing and wellness
  • Experiences like private jets and high-end hotels
  • Real-life parties and networking opportunities in Miami

So, if you are a fan of being bougie and want to live your best life, Lucky Buddha Club is the community for you.


You can undoubtedly find tons of NFT projects offering giveaways when hunting through Twitter. Many crypto companies take to Twitter to share and promote their projects. You will soon notice many free NFT-related goods floating about once keeping a close eye.

Freebies that are too good to be true usually are. However, many NFT giveaways are 100% legit, traditionally offered by those entering the crypto space for the first time, needing traction. One of the most common strategies to gain an initial base of customers is by giving away a portion of an NFT for free. All you need to do is follow and support the latest NFT projects to claim one.

HOWRARE.IS/DROPS (RARE), otherwise known as Rare, is another excellent place to hunt down NFT giveaways. The platform shows data for all forthcoming NFT drops throughout the next hour, week or month, allowing crypto enthusiasts to keep updated with the most pressing projects.

So, go to the list of new projects official Discord or Twitter channels, and check out which free prizes are up for grabs. Almost all new projects offer giveaways when launching for the first time.

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