Baby Ghosts NFT Review – How the Project Helps Raise Spirits

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Baby Ghosts NFTs to donate $30,000 towards medical care for children

Despite haunting the Ethereum blockchain since October, Baby Ghosts NFTs are recently a hot topic on OpenSea⁠—thanks to a chunk of the project’s proceeds going towards a highly worthy cause.

The idea of purchasing a digital baby ghost to help hospitals buy medical care may appear bizarre to some. However, Baby Ghosts NFTs are flying high due to promising to donate $30,000 to the Memphis-based St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. More than 4,000 collectors appreciate the incentive to help raise children’s spirits.


It comes as no shock that Baby Ghosts NFT artwork highlights baby ghosts. However, you can also find adorable baby devils, zombies, witches, and clowns when hunting through the unique collection of NFTs.

Before the spirits fully reach the sky, it’s worth knowing the characters have four rarities. For example:

  • Chilling is the most common tier
  • Freaky is the upgraded version of the original characters
  • Ethereal has additional premium traits
  • Hallowed is the newest collection and most sought-after, costing a whopping 0.05ETH to mint

The artwork also shows off 140 opposing traits, including backgrounds, characteristics and attire.


Baby Ghosts’ impressive roadmap has a lot to do with its popularity. For instance, ten lucky Discord members recently got the chance to win a Baby Ghost NFT over minting one of the first 25% of the NFTs. Surpassingly, the team behind the project also rewarded 1ETH to a randomly selected pre-sale whitelist holder.

The project is now close to 50% of its NFTs going through the minting process. Once hitting its target, the creators behind the cute digital assets will donate $30,000 to the Memphis-based St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital to support children with the most challenging diseases. All funds will go towards the necessary medical care.

Furthermore, once collectors purchase 75% of the digital assets, the project will open its official merchandise store.

As soon as the project sells out, Baby Ghosts will launch its new collection of spirits, with exclusive pre-sale access for Baby Ghost owners. In addition, ten lucky owners will win 10ETH.


Once purchasing a ghost, collectors can actively engage with other proud members on Discord. Better still, the members-only channel offers NFT giveaways and other perks.

Collectors will also get the opportunity to partake in a ‘Sweep the Floor’ event. Therefore, every person who purchases one of the ghost NFTs on OpenSea can acquire another cute character for free.

Nevertheless, the critical benefit of this project, and a key reason for its popularity, boils down to the cause it supports. Baby Ghosts collectors are undoubtedly a loving community—all of whom understand the importance of adequate healthcare facilities and medication for those less fortunate.

So, find your kindred spirit and purchase Baby Ghosts via OpenSea to help children in need.

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