The 10 States For and Against Crypto and NFTs

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Analysis of Google Trends data reveals that Californians are most interested in all things crypto and NFT related

Investing in crypto and NFTs is not for the faint-hearted. Unfortunately, the value of these digital assets continues to follow unattractive paths, raising concerns for traders and buyers alike.

Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean we should ignore the blockchain technology crypto and NFTs use. Both digital assets have numerous use cases and advantages. Thus, many people rightly still give them the time of day.

But who continues saying yay to cryptocurrencies and NFTs, and who’s turning their backs by saying nay?

The Top 10 Pro-Crypto and NFT States

Despite a significant decline in those obsessed with crypto and NFTs, interestingly checked Google Trends over the past year to find out which states favor digital gold with blockchain capabilities.

To do so, the financial news company checked out the popularity of blockchain-related buzzwords—crypto, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, cryptocurrency, NFT and Coinbase—alongside the backgrounds of the Americans Googling them.

Check out this graph, for example:

As you can see, with a score of 675, California is in the lead for the state with the highest interest in crypto and NFTs.

“California coming in on top is not a big surprise. Crypto and blockchain in general have strong ties to the tech industry. SO, with Silicon Valley housing several blockchain and crypto startups, and in general a lot of people working in tech, you would expect to see a higher level of interest in new technology coming out,”

commented a spokesperson from

Interestingly, Nevada wasn’t far behind with 617% and New York with 602%.

The Most Anti-Crypto States

At the complete opposite end of the scale, here’s a list of States turning their noses up at all things blockchain related:

Interestingly, the graph states that Mississippi ranks the lowest with a score of 302.

“This can be seen in contrast to Mississippi where bigger industries are more traditional with manufacturing, mining, and agriculture. It would be natural to think that this also has an impact on the general interest level of the population for things like crypto and the blockchain,”

continued the spokesperson at

Moreover, the graph shows that Mississippi has more than 100% less interest than California, with West Virginia and Kentucky not far behind.

For more information, check out how crypto-obsessed (or not) all States are:

Final Thoughts – Reasons for States’ Opposing Crypto-Related Interests

It is no surprise that California is first place regarding the State most interested in crypto-related products. This is because California has numerous investments, tech-savvy citizens, and the tech hub in Northern California, Silicon Valley.

Moreover, the State has more than 440 businesses that accept Bitcoin as a payment method. The States’ Governer also drafted a legal framework regarding crypto adoption at the beginning of this year. Hence, citizens perceive crypto as a positive investment instrument.

Opposingly, Mississippi is least interested in all things to do with the blockchain. Reasons may include lacking start-up innovation and not having tech hubs like Silicon Valley. Therefore, steering clear of technologies due to the lack of awareness. Rather than tech, the State is more focused on manufacturing, mining and agriculture.

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