STEPN Integrates Apple Pay to Overpower Web3 Barriers

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Intending to draw more players by breaking down barriers associated with cryptocurrency use in-game, the popular Web3-based move-to-earn game STEPN incorporates Apple Pay as a gateway for conventional payment dealings inside the app.

Quick Takes:

  • STEPN increases user-friendliness by implementing Apple Pay as a fiat currency gateway for in-app purchases.
  • Despite the move-to-earn games surge in May 2022, the platform’s active users continue to decline significantly.
  • STEPN hopes its new payment feature will bring 100 million users to the Web3 world and boost its ecosystem.

Expanding Accessibility with Apple Pay

STEPN is integrating Apple Pay so users can easily link their credit card to the payment service and attain NFT sneakers, which are essential for gameplay in STEPN, breaking down the barrier to entry for Web3.

According to Dune Analytics, STEPN could do with bringing more gamers into its ecosystem. Despite gaining more than 70k monthly active users in May 2022, this amount has been significantly dropping, with only 23k players currently on board.

The team behind STEPN believes that introducing a method for paying with conventional currency can assist in recruiting the subsequent 100 million users into the Web3 world and boost its ecosystem.

Overcoming Web3 Barriers for Mainstream Gamers

Non-crypto users often face barriers in Web3 adoption due to needing a crypto wallet to make transactions for in-game purchases. Usually, this leads players to turn their backs on the game over unfamiliarity with cryptocurrencies, thus, finding the entire process daunting. The volatile nature of cryptocurrencies and security concerns also do not help matters.

Gaming developers, in this case STEPN, can lower these barriers by integrating traditional payment methods like Apple Pay and bringing a new target market to Web3. By allowing gamers to transact with familiar payment options like fiat, this Web2 integration can override the issues between conventional and digital worlds, easing the entire onboarding process.

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