PBA Rolls Out Bowling Awards with Avalanche NFTs

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The Professional Bowlers Association (PBA) and its parent company, Bowlero, are launching an awards system dubbed ‘The League Bowler Certification Awards’ (LBC). This initiative aims to recognize bowling achievements through the power of NFTs on Avalanche, overriding the traditional rewards program many players aren’t fond of.

Quick Takes: 

  • PBA and Bowlero debut LBC for around 300k league participants to enjoy “digital awards” for their bowling achievements.
  • Using a dedicated Avalanche subnet, the LBC partners with Layer 3 Labs for a “smooth operation”. Bowlers can easily access the system without needing cryptocurrency for their well-deserved NFT rewards.
  • This rewards platform is accessible to all eligible Bowlero’s center league participants at no cost.

Celebrating Bowling Achievements 

The NFT system behind the LBC program will be available to around 300k participants in Bowlero’s center leagues at no cost. These unique “digital awards” are different from typical NFTs due to their non-saleable and non-transferable nature due to being Soulbound tokens. Therefore, the CEO of LBC describes this inception as a “loyalty program on steroids” instead.

Initially, LBC will showcase numerous bowling milestones via digital awards. Such awards represent players’ accomplishments, including a 200-score game for the first time, a perfect 300 game, a series scoring up to 700 or 800 points, and scores surpassing a player’s average by 50 to 100 points.

Typically, bowling events distribute physical rewards such as rings to represent bowlers’ achievements. However, this practice raises disappointment among some league participants. LBC hopes its new digital awards system addresses this void.

Power Behind LBC’s Rewards System

Bowlero, the PBA, and Layer 3 Labs, a company specializing in bringing conventional brands into Web3, kick-started this initiative, bringing the PBA into the Web3 sphere for the first time.

Moreover, the network will utilize an Avalanche subnet to avoid reputational risks and ensure the program on-chain remains undisturbed by potential congestion issues.

The PBA will admit all successful bowlers to its LeaguePals platform to receive these digital awards. Notably, these sports players do not need cryptocurrency to receive their well-earned NFTs, to ensure all bowling fans without blockchain terminology can enjoy these benefits.

This novel approach to celebrating bowling achievements recognizes how digital assets on-chain have numerous use cases, including the ability to honor winning sports players.

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