Pudgy Penguins to Huddle in Hong Kong to Discuss Creating NFTs

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Pudgy Penguins, critical players in creating NFTs, are waddling to Hong Kong to meet with community members and those who are NFT-curious to discuss all things related to Pudgy Penguins NFTs and Web3.

Quick Takes:

  • Pudgy Penguins are hosting “Pudgy Penguins Asia: Web3 and Beyond” in Hong Kong on March 21.
  • The event will feature speeches from key players in NFT creation and Web3, as well as complimentary drinks and cake, merch giveaways, and limited edition physical tokens.
  • Tickets are available for purchase, but Pudgy Penguin and Lil Pudgy holders, as well as FOMO ASIA VIP ticket holders, can attend for free.
Pudgy Penguins NFT

Pudgy Penguins NFT Asia Event: What to Expect

On March 21, the Pudgy Penguins team is heading all the way to Central Hong Kong to host “Pudgy Penguins Asia: Web3 and Beyond“. During the event, they will share their knowledge about NFT creation and Web3 alongside other key players.

Today, the OG NFT brand shared the good news and details about the forthcoming conference on Twitter:

The event will kick-start with team members of the OG project introducing attendees and creating personal relationships with their fans. The musician Mike Orange will then take to the stage with an interactive performance curated by LOOP Project to initially liven up the event.

Shortly afterward, the stage will see speeches from special guests and sponsors about creating NFTs and Web3. These special guests include Pudgy Penguins’ Head of Growth, Austin; Head of Business Development, Vi; Asia Community Lead, Dennis; Co-Founder, Chris; and Founder of 0xmerch, Tao.

During the event, attendees can indulge in complimentary drinks and cake while having the opportunity to get their hands on official merch giveaways and limited edition physical tokens.

How to Attend ‘Pudgy Penguins Asia: Web3 and Beyond’

There are multiple tickets available for Pudgy Penguins Asia: Web3 and Beyond. Holders of Pudgy Penguins and Lil Pudgys are lucky enough to attend for free. So are FOMO ASIA VIP ticket holders. However, the entrance fee for FOMO Asia General Admission ticket holders is $10. A ticket for the general public is $25.

By hosting the “Pudgy Penguins Asia: Web3 and Beyond” event in Hong Kong, the NFT brand provides an engaging platform for NFT enthusiasts to learn, network, and interact with key players in the industry about successfully creating NFTs and beyond.

Moreover, this strategic move showcases Pudgy Penguins’ commitment to fostering a strong community. It also demonstrates their efforts to capitalize on the burgeoning Asian market, paving the way for future regional growth and success.

Click here to register your attendance!

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