Porsche Makes Its Web3 Debut With Its First NFT Collection

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The luxury sports car manufacturer announced its official entry into Web3 today, as well as the preliminary plans for its decentralized future.

Quick Take:

  • The 7,500-piece Porsche 911 NFT collection is Porsche’s first Web3 project.
  • The Porsche NFTs will release in January 2023
  • NFT owners will have exclusive access to virtual and real-world experiences.

These Porsche NFTs Might Sell Out Quickly

To begin, Porsche’s first Web3 project is a 7,500-piece NFT collection based on the classic Porsche 911. The Porsche NFTs will release in January 2023. Given that, Hamburg designer and 3D artist Patrick Vogel will create each piece. 

Essentially, holders will help shape the design of their individual NFTs after purchasing them. Moreover, Individuals will have the option to choose a “route” for their Porsche NFT, such as Performance, Lifestyle, or Heritage.

Each route represents a different aspect of Porsche’s premium brand identity. Plus, it will have an impact on the overall design and character of the NFT. Then, Vogel will use the user feedback from the initial sale in the coming months to prepare each NFT as a unique 3D asset in Unreal Engine 5.

Porsche’s ultimate goal with this new virtual brand presentation is to expand the appeal of its sports cars to include coveted digital artifacts. In describing the aesthetic of the 3D visuals, Porsche’s manager of innovation & methods, Lars Kramer, stated that the team drew inspiration from “Porsche heritage, typical Porsche elements, and modern lifestyle to create a token-gated and creative journey.”

In addition to shaping the aesthetic of their NFT, owners will have exclusive access to virtual and real-world experiences.

Porsche’s Web3 Plans Extend Beyond NFTs

Porsche is working to incorporate blockchain technologies into its current (and future) processes in addition to its January NFT drop. The business mentioned that its management teams see potential in moving the supply chain and the purchasing process to Web3.

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Porsche is holding a panel on November 30 at Mana Common’s The Gateway: A Web3 Metropolis. This is a five-day festival happening during Art Basel Miami. The panel will help spread the word about its NFT launch. There, members of the Porsche team and the visual artist Vexx will talk about their NFT debut.

An Innovative Connection

Along with its appearance at The Gateway 2022, Porsche will also unveil an exclusive art installation at Art Basel Miami. The Chris Labrooy physical sculpture Dream Big will be on display at the Pérez Art Museum from November 29 through December 3. This upcoming installation, categorized under Porsche’s The Art of Dreams campaign, will serve as the campaign’s official US debut.

Porsche’s Director of Brand Management and Partnerships, Deniz Keskin, stated that Web3 allows the company to provide its customers with novel digital experiences. Besides that, NFTs and other Web3 technologies broaden the creative process, allowing brands to collaborate with their customers and provide more personalized experiences.

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