Biggie Smalls NFTs Sell Out in Just 10 Minutes

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3000 Notorious B.I.G fans show respect to the hip-hop artist by purchasing Biggie Smalls NFTs tied to his legacy

OneOf sold a generative collection of 3000 Biggie Smalls NFTs, “The Sky’s the Limit”, in just 10 minutes.

The Biggie Smalls NFTs collectively license the audio recording of his track “Fulton Street Freestyle”.

The eco-friendly NFT platform took to Twitter to share the good news regarding the sell-out:

The digital assets represent the first time other artists and fans can release the track. Of course, making the collection all the more appealing.


The NFTs embedded with Biggie’s track that he created when just 17 years old showcase 3D images of the American rapper and songwriter’s authentic self.

Therefore, collectors of Biggie Smalls NFTs now attain the licensing to the track “Fulton Street Freestyle” while owning a unique piece of art.

On the plus side, a portion of the proceeds from the collection went towards the community-focused Christopher Wallace Memorial Foundation.


OneOf is an NFT platform built to connect fans with artists which the legendary music producer Quincy Jones supports.

The platform is built on Polygon and Tezos due to being eco-conscious and wanting to steer clear of steep gas fees that other blockchain networks face.

Interestingly, OneOf worked with The Grammy Awards to generate its first NFT collection, alongside other collaborations.

Besides the drop of Biggie NFTs, another proud moment for OneOf includes selling a Whitney Houston track she made while 17 years old.

Whitney’s state-of-the-art NFT sold for a whopping $1 million at auction.

Now, the platform is working towards bettering NFTs and metaverse experiences.


One of the metaverse experiences includes “The Brook”, to which collectors of Biggie Smalls NFTs will have access to later this year.

The network serves as a “lifestyle, fashion, culture, music and entertainment metaverse experience” featuring NFT characters of Biggie himself.

“It is a gamified virtual experience that takes you back in time to the streets of 90’s Brooklyn and straight into the world of one of the greatest MC’s of all time”, states The Brook’s website.

Although, if you solely interested in music NFTs—rather than metaverse experiences—check out this list of top 5 music NFT projects to never be forgotten.

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