Bastard Baboon NFTs to Join the Glimmering

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Mint your very own Bastard Baboon NFTs for free on 8/5 and join the first-ever on-chain TTRPG

GRIPNR is powering a free collection of Bastard Baboon NFTs to join The Glimmering. Get on the pre-sale list by heading to

This first-ever on-chain tabletop roleplaying game (TTRPG), The Glimmering, will soon launch its genesis collection of 10,000 player characters specifically designed for on-chain play. Although, this time, Bastard Baboons are central to the story.  

But what makes these quirky Bastards special? 


The Glimmering is the world’s first 5E on-chain play-to-progress TTRPG powered by the Polygon Network.  

The team behind The Glimmering (thus the Bastard Baboon NFTs), GRIPNR, is a talented  bunch. CEO Brent McCrossen is a music industry veteran. Whereas the Entrepreneur,  Patrick Comer, developed Lucid—the technology research platform that sold for more than $1 billion last year. 

On top of that, the previous Wizards of the Coast developer and Dungeons & Dragons  game creator Stephen Radney-MacFarland leads game design. 

Additionally, in terms of creativity, iconic artists who have developed merchandise for  Metallica and Iggy Pop and whose experience includes DC, Marvel and Dark Horse are  helping make the magic happen—John, Angryblue, and Omnigraphicon.  

Together, their mission is to keep the force of TTRPGs while expanding player capabilities  beyond traditional gaming through the power of the blockchain. Such goals are achievable  by using their very own industry-standard protocol. 


In the world of The Glimmering, the Baboons have long been the pets of Goblins.  However, they are now called Bastards for leaving the troop. The Goblins aren’t happy about it!  

Anyone lucky enough to have one of the 10,000 Bastard Baboon NFTs from Glimmering’s  Genesis Collection can get their hands on one of the monkeys—whichever bizarre-looking  character they may hold. The free mint will also be open to the public on August 5 at 5 p.m. UTC.

Despite 8873 characters living in The Glimmering, only 2727 Baboons can be minted for  free. Depending on demand, the entire Baboon population may switch over. We’ll see!

GRIPNR randomly generates the Bastard Baboons to produce playable characters with a  mixture of powers and settings. In addition, some of the Bastards have rarer attributes  than others—hairdos, nose piercings, bandanas, hats, and more. 

The characters evolve as they level up and gain XP, loot, and gold. Thus, even the least rare NFTs can become more valuable through gameplay and skill.  

Although, if not the most active player, never mind. The digital assets will continue to be as valuable as day dot.  

The Bastard Baboon NFTs also open the gates to a quirky community of other 5E gameplay  enthusiasts. So, let’s mint your own! 


With pennies worth of MATIC for gas money, you can mint your very own Baboon on the  Polygon blockchain network for practically free.  

To get into the Bastard Baboon brigade, follow The Glimmering’s Twitter and join the GRIPNR Discord. Once becoming a member, you can talk to like-minded gamers, and  gain exclusive access to future projects, community-only events, and NFT drops. 

Once minting a Baboon, holders will immediately receive a free NFT airdrop of The Glimmering’s 1-shot tabletop adventure, “A Dark and Stormy Night”.

The free mint will take place at You can mint one of the Bastard Baboon NFTs for free (plus gas). 

So, take the climb! Here’s everything you need to know about minting your very own  Bastard Baboon and more.  

If skeptical of the blockchain, fear not. To prove and provide transparency, the project  partners with Chainlink—the most widely used oracle network for powering hybrid smart  contracts. 

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