Muse to Release NFT Album ‘Will of the People’

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Muse’s NFT album ‘Will of the People’ is the first-ever NFT collection to hit the music charts

Muse has revealed plans to release an NFT version of their new album ‘Will of The People’.

Despite the UK’s Official Charts Company making NFT albums eligible for the charts several months ago, the band’s ninth LP version is the first of its kind said to hit the charts.

The NFT version of ‘Will of the People’ will retail for £20. It will be limited to 1,000 copies around the globe on August 26 via the “eco-friendly” Web3 music marketplace, Serenade.

Those lucky enough to purchase an NFT will receive a digitally signed unique sleeve by Muse.  

Although, if skeptical of NFTs and cryptocurrencies, this album will also be available on the usual physical formats (vinyl, CD and cassette), as well as download and streaming services.


NFTs are chart eligible providing they conform to existing chart rules. Will of the People is the first album with a high chance of charting due to on-chain preparation before release.

The reasons being, Serenade caters to super-fans in terms of exclusive content, scarcity and community recognition.

The Web3 capabilities of NFTs also offer fans verifiable ownership, trading opportunities on secondary marketplaces, and a digital pressing that gives artists and content owners royalties.


Music NFTs provide a boundless model for musicians to reach their fans independently. The digital assets are the only way artists can release tracks while keeping all profits made⁠—rather than relying on third parties who stream their content in exchange for royalties.

When depending on third parties, artists often lose income, face copyright risks and unfairly receive pay—this isn’t an issue with NFTs.

Fans can now support their artists by buying NFTs while owning a unique piece of content that only they own and can access. As a result, the digital assets positively affect both music-making and personal experiences.

So, keep your eyes peeled on the Serenade marketplace to purchase a “first of its kind” album from the one and only Muse. 

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