Nissan Steers into Metaverse and NFT Advertising

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Following Lamborghini, Rolls Royce, Porsche, among others, the famous Japanese motor company, Nissan, finally sees the importance of metaverse and NFT advertising. Following on, the car manufacturer filed four Web3 trademark applications yesterday, for virtual goods, clothes, metaverse creation, and its very own marketplace.

Quick Takes: 

  • Nissan files trademark applications for virtual assets on the blockchain.
  • The car manufacturer will use the metaverse and NFTs for promotional purposes.
  • Immersive experiences can help the brand reach a younger demographic audience and deepen brand loyalty.
metaverse and NFT advertising

Reasons for Nissan Driving Into Web3

Japanese multinational automobile manufacturer, Nissan, is staying ahead of innovation. Just yesterday, it filed 4 trademark applications for exploring new opportunities in Web3.

USPTO-licensed trademark attorney, Mike Kondoudis, shared the good news on Twitter:

Advertising via the metaverse means the car manufacturer can reach a younger demographic audience. Therefore, be seen as an innovative figure and forward-thinking brand while establishing a presence in virtual worlds.

On the other hand (of the wheel), by creating virtual cars, the brand can offer fans immersive experiences that explore Nissan’s products in fun and exciting ways. This is also an efficient and cost-effective way to showcase what’s in the pipeline before committing to physical prototypes.

Moreover, by steering into NFTs, the car manufacturer can use such digital assets to commemorate special events or moments in the company’s history, like the launch of a new car or milestone. NFTs are fantastic for promotional efforts and forming new collaborations.

All of these immersive experiences give Nissan the opportunity to deepen brand loyalty and connect with customers in ways not yet achievable.

By creating its own NFT marketplace, Nissan can also directly sell NFTs. Meanwhile, being at the forefront of revenue generation and engaging directly with customers.

Overall, Nissan’s Web3 trademark applications present a fantastic way for the car manufacturer to stay ahead of the digital realm and showcase what’s to come in stylish, revolutionary forms.

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