Brothers, 11 & 13, Make Thousands Selling NFTs

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Two brothers from Newman, Georgia, are making news in the blockchain industry by selling their artwork as JPEGs via tapping into the potential of NFT Technology. Joey and Eric Uzar started early and have sold several of their artworks on NFT marketplaces on OpenSea. The two brothers, one of whom is 11 years old, also have all the original art pieces hanging in their studio.

Quick Take:

  • Two brothers from Newman are printing money by selling their NFTs on the web.
  • The brothers have all the original works in their studio intact, as they are selling NFTs of the original work. 
  • Joey and Eric Uzar are stepping into the NFT world at an early age and making others believe in the technology. 
Two Newnan brothers have made thousands of dollars selling digital copies of their art online.

Taking the NFT Route

The art industry benefits the most from NFT technology as it helps artists take control of their artwork. It allows them to sell the work to different parties while ensuring the authenticity of their work and protecting it from piracy. Blockchain and NFT technology are at the forefront of making the art industry progress further. 

Similarly, these two brothers from Newman are harnessing the power of blockchain and NFT technology. They are creating original art pieces in their studio and selling them as NFTs on OpenSea. 

At the time these two brothers started, their mother was not onboard. Their mom, Parry Uzar, said,  “‘That’s so silly; I can just snap a picture and sell it?’ Well, that is fraud, and you are cheating.”

However, Parry Uzar supported the kids after some time and realizing the impact of NFTs. “We uploaded it based on how they described it, we snapped a picture, put all the descriptions in, and it actually sold the very next day,”

The Uzar brothers understand NFT technology. Eric says, “It can be hard to explain for people who have never done it.”

For many people, the NFT is a new concept. It is hard for them to understand, hence the confusion arises. On the other hand, the twin brothers are selling digital copies of their artwork for up to $400.

Teens Utilizing NFT Technology

More crypto artists have made thousands or millions from NFTs. Last year, a 12-year-old Benyamin Ahmed, sold his “Weird Whales” collection of 3,350 digital whales for £290,000.

Jaiden Stipp is another example of a young crypto artist. Has already made thousands of dollars by creating and selling NFTs at the age of 15. He began on a desire by selling a fragment of an Ethereum coin, which was worth about $300 at the time (March 2021). He eventually created a digital image of a waving cartoon astronaut that sold for 20 ETH (converted to over $30,000, then traded for around $60,000 a month later). Stipp had been designing and selling logos for customers he met on Discord. On a whim, he created the cartoon astronaut, turned it into an NFT, auctioned it off, and overnight became a blue-chip artist.

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