Moncler Celebrates its 70th Birthday in Style via a Special NFT Collection

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According to a recent press release, Moncler’s Extraordinary Expedition global tour includes the launch of an NFT collection. The tour kicked off in New York, and the collection demonstrates the characteristics and uniqueness of each destination. In total, the collection has 7 NFTs.

Every Moncler NFT can be claimed through a QR code scan and can be saved in a custodial wallet that’s inside the Moncler application. Moreover, the NFTs are now available on the Polygon Blockchain.

Quick Take:

  • The French fashion brand is venturing into Web3.0 space with an NFT collection. 
  • Arianee has partnered with Moncler on the occasion of the brand’s 70th anniversary on September 24.
  • Moncler has developed the collection in association with Antoni Tudisco and Arianee.

Moncler Celebrates 70th Anniversary

As part of their tour, Moncler gave one NFT to 500 people in each city. The celebration of the brand’s 70th birthday will continue till November. Moreover, Milan’s party had 18,000 people come together to celebrate. 

The NFTs launched as a part of the “Extraordinary Uni-Verse.” This additional expedition announced the launch of the NFT collection. Given that, Antoni Tudisco created the seven NFTs, and Arianee, which is a Web3 solutions provider, is responsible for the distribution. 

Through this collaboration, 3 different types of non-fungible tokens were launched: 

  • 500 NFT associated with the iconic Moncler Maya down jacket, in platinum colour;
  • 500 NFT for the first 500 visitors to the traveling exhibition-event Extraordinary Expedition, which opened on October 5th in New York.
  • 70 NFTs distributed among friends of the Moncler brand. 

Each NFT of this type contains an exclusive artwork designed by Antoni Tudisco, creative director and 3D artist from Hamburg, Germany. 

“When I received the proposal to work together with Moncler, it was a no-brainer for me that we going to crush it. I have been following Moncler a long time, and due to my passion for modeling and animating digital puffer jackets, it was a perfect match. When brands enter this industry, they find opportunities to grow, and artists and collectors around the world are enabled to deepen their connection with these companies.”

Antoni Tudisco

From the collection, one of the NFTs is devoted to Milan. The same NFT also commemorated the brand’s 70th birthday.

MONCLER EXT-NYC 70 NFT is limited to 500


The SaaS platform of Arianee lets Moncler make tokens for its customers that have unique and special features like-

Asynchronous transfer: Users can not only look at the contents of the NFT, but they can also have a wallet made for them, whether they are familiar with crypto or not. Soon, they will be able to move their non-fungible token to a wallet that isn’t part of the blockchain.

Minted on Polygon: Markets like OpenSea and metaverses like The Sandbox are examples of places where NFT owners can share and trade their tokens.

Some of the extra features are time stamping, airdrop claim, metaverse deployment, transparency, CRM, AR, and more.

About Moncler

Moncler is a luxury Italian fashion brand that has French origins. The brand specializes in designing ready-to-wear and Haute couture outerwear. The headquarters of Moncler is in Milan, Italy.

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