MOAR NFT Review – Joan Cornellà’s ‘Cheeky’ NFT Collection

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MOAR NFTs show unattractive sides of human existence in a humorous manner

Spanish artist of MOAR, Joan Cornellà, collaborates with Hong Kong collectibles platform, FWENCLUB, to create NFTs showing unattractive sides of human existence.

Buyers perceive the NFTs as lighthearted and innocent at first glance, before smirking at the hidden messages the artwork entails.


Joan Cornellà is a freedom of expressions artist, best known for sharing his surreal humor through comic strips and cartoons.

His digital project consists of 5555 hand-drawn characters of zombies, cyborgs and humans making light of pressing social issues while smirking.

All characters’ souls are minted in the ERC721 platform and are soon to live in MOAR’s metaverse mansion, alongside other unique creatures.


Adding to the collection’s wow factor, the digital assets provide its holders with various opportunities, such as:

  • Exclusive purchasing rights to Joan Cornellà’s physical & digital artworks, including toys, sculptures, paintings and NFTs
  • Tickets for a raffle airdrop to win a 3D avatar in the metaverse
  • Access to Joan Cornellà’s physical and virtual exhibition

The rewards assisted towards MOAR’s market cap skyrocketing to 8.973 ETH ($26927.26 USD), surpassing Imposters Genesis Aliens and Bored Ape Yacht Club in 7-day volume on OpenSea.


Thanks to all proceeds going towards MOAR’s future DAO developments, community members have exciting times ahead:

  • April 2022: MOAR NFT drop
  • May 2022: Mini game launch for the community
  • June 2022: Community rewards.
  • November 2022: Metaverse grand opening

MOAR’s enthusiasm is predicted to continue with rising prices and trade volume before the project enters the metaverse at the end of this year.


The drop’s most expensive NFT to date, MOAR #36, sold for 4.33 ETH ($13,000 USD). Thus, is out of reach for the best of us. Nevertheless, there are plenty of other NFTs available at reasonable costs.

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