Magic Eden Unveils Launchpad Useful for Bitcoin Ordinal NFTs

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Magic Eden is at the forefront of Ordinal NFT sales. Today, the leading marketplace for Bitcoin NFTs is launching its Launchpad. This new feature is designed explicitly for NFT curators wanting to mint and market Bitcoin Ordinals, among other projects.

Quick Takes: 

  • Magic Eden launched its Launchpad today, ideal for supporting creators in minting Bitcoin Ordinals, alongside other projects (Ethereum, Solana, and Polygon).
  • Since Magic Eden began debuting Bitcoin Ordinals on March 21, 2023, it has become the world’s most famous platform for trading inscriptions.
  • Consequently, the first NFT projects to test out the Launchpad includes Ordinal projects created by Godjira, Genopets, Lazy Lions, Lil Durk, and Humanoids.
Top eight Bitcoin collections on Magic Eden within the last 24 hours (subject to change)

Magic Eden’s Relationship with Ordinals

Throughout Q1 2023, Bitcoin inscriptions have been experiencing surges in popularity. Subsequently, Magic Eden aims to provide creators with an easy way to launch their collections. Promoting the emergence of Ordinals, its new Launchpad can unite NFT enthusiasts across numerous chains — alongside Ethereum, Solana, and Polygon.

Since the marketplace began debuting Bitcoin Ordinals on March 21, 2023, Magic Eden has become the world’s most famous platform for trading inscriptions — leading with more than 70% of Ordinals market share.

Now, Magic Eden is looking to showcase more Bitcoin NFT projects safely and securely through its Launchpad, debuting today!

What’s Next for Magic Eden and Bitcoin NFTs? 

The established ETH collection, Godjira, is the first to join the new feature, unveiling its (Dead)jira Legacy mint as an Ordinal collectible.

Moreover, other famous NFT projects will be using the Launchpad to debut Ordinal NFTs for the first time throughout the week — Genopets, Lazy Lions, Lil Durk, and Humanoids.

Those interested in inscribing Ordinal NFTs on Bitcoin through the Magic Eden Launchpad can sign up and get the low down here.

Although Ordinal NFTs is Magic Eden’s main focus, other chains can also benefit from this new feature!

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