Create Your Own NFT – Straightforward Minting Process

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Want to create your own NFT? Follow this straightforward minting process

NFTs can be expensive to purchase, with some costing six figures. Luckily, it’s easy enough to create your own NFT. Despite sounding like a confusing process, anyone can easily create their own digital assets once acquiring the knowledge to do so.

In blockchain terms, NFTs are minted rather than created. So, here’s how to easily mint a brand spanking new NFT:


Most NFTs are digital artworks that are either videos or GIFs. However, you can add music, memes, game characters, and such to your digital assets. You can mint almost all types of digital files into NFTs.

If designing a simple NFT, assistance from a developer won’t be necessary. But if wanting to add assets to the NFTs, like a game, or a complicated smart contract, you will most likely need help. 

When making an NFT for the first time, consider how it can offer value to your target market. Think outside the box. For example, if you have a music business, it might be worth adding one of your tracks to the NFTs or creating a loyalty card that gives access to your music.

The digital formats accepted for the minting process include JPG, MP3, MP4, PNG, GIF, WAV, OBB, GLB and SVG.


Before minting an NFT, you must set up a crypto wallet. Metamask is the most popular due to being compatible with the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain. However, Polygon (POL) and Solana (SOL) also work.

 EnjinAlphaWallet, and Trust Wallet are other popular wallets worth checking out.


Once your digital file is ready, it’s time to go to a cryptocurrency marketplace like OpenSea or Rarible to kick-start the minting process. If short of time, fear not—minting takes as little as a few minutes, depending on the digital file size.

Once successfully minting your NFT, the digital asset will display to visitors who can buy the NFT before deciding how they want to use it. 


Whichever NFT marketplace you decide on, all provide straightforward step-by-step guides when minting an NFT. Generally, you shall click the “Create” button on your chosen NFT marketplace before selecting the digital file wanting to mint into an NFT. Once chosen, click upload, and your minting process shall begin. You will also be able to determine if you wish to mint a single NFT (BEP-721) or a collection (BEP-1155).

Once the minting process takes place, you will need to pay a certain amount of crypto as gas fees from your wallet for the upload to be successful. But don’t let costs put you off.

There are numerous ways to acquire more crypto through minting your own NFTs—whether it be by renting your NFTs, staking your digital assets, earning royalties on them, flipping, or even marketing them with a crypto marketing agency. The possibilities are limitless.

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