The Red Village Partners with Animoca Brands to Create Hot New P2E Game

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Animoca Brands continuously tweaks Deep Dive to engage and entice players

The Red Village partners with Animoca Brands’ subsidiary Blowfish Studios to create a dark-fantasy play-to-earn (P2E) game with captivating graphics, stable infrastructure, and an active community.

Animoca Brands, amongst other leading blockchain investors, funded The Red Village with $6.5 million to help develop the new gothic ecosystem, Deep Dive.

Animoca Brands is undoubtedly an investor and partner to be proud of, assisting and funding more than 170 investments in other NFT-related companies and Web3 projects, like The Sandbox and Phantom Galaxies. Thus, the partnership should boost The Red Village’s presence globally and to higher heights.

Other value-adding investors in the seed round include Kucoin Ventures, JellyC, Sfermion, Polygon Studios, Metavest, SL2 Capital, Dweb3, Spark Capital, and several well-known angel investors.


The Red Village had two sell-outs NFT collections in 2021 and 2022. The former project generated more than 1,100 ETH, whereas the latter traded more than 3,000 ETH. Consequently, the creators behind the project are building the metaverse with the proceeds and investment funds.

Red Village NFTs, otherwise known as Mystic Bloodline, are prized for their rarities and are highly sought-after in The Red Village ecosystem. Owners of the NFTs can use their characters to partake in the P2E game.

The tournament mode of The Red Village is currently available in beta. Collectors can compete against each other in a “bloodsport” tournament. So far, players have won a total of $500,000 in cryptocurrency.

Animoca Brands’ Blowfish Studios is currently working hard to develop The Red Village: Darklands⁠—an expansion of the ecosystem. All-time favorite fantasy games, RuneScape, Diablo, Skyrim, Elden Rising, and The Witcher, highly influence the creativity behind the development through “deep lore, immersive storylines, and an active and engaged community.”

Following this, Animoca Brands aims to tweak the game’s functionalities regularly to engage players over continuously bringing something new to the 3D network.

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